Restaurants provide a lovely setting for any type of party or small get together. When you book a party at a restaurant you know that the restaurant will handle everything from the food to the cleanup. Some restaurants will even offer cakes or a champagne toast depending on the restaurant and the occasion.

When choosing a restaurant for a party or function, first narrow down on the suitable locations. Then, look at their menu offerings. Ask if the restaurant has a special menu for parties? Any specialty they have? Will they do a buffet? Are there enough options for your guests? Do they have a variety of mocktails, appetizers, main course and alcoholic drinks that you can choose from? What kind of music do they play – ghazals, retro, instrumental, western? Would you prefer restaurant that plays soft music or one with loud music or DJ? With all these decision points in consideration, choose the one that suits best.

Selecting a restaurant for a party is actually a lot of fun. Browse our comprehensive list of all types of restaurants from Indian Mughlai Restaurants, Italian restaurants, Chinese restaurants to Lebanese and Theme restaurants.

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