The festival of lights is just around the corner and the celebrations are in full swing. It is a harbinger of love, peace & hope. However, the extravagant celebrations have not only put people’s health for a toss but also a great strain on the environment. Diwali is losing its original connotation year after year. How detestable sight it is right after Diwali. This festival is all about driving the evil out of our home. And this ecosystem is no less than an abode to us, for we have only one Earth.

We at Venuelook.com believe in celebrating Diwali in an eco-friendly manner.
Here are 5 things we’re doing this Diwali & recommend you to do the same.

1) Wrap your Gifts in Newspaper

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Gift wrapping paper are made of plastic and metal combined, which makes recycling difficult. Wrapping those gifts in plastic gift wraps is a practice that we need to let go of. Using newspaper will give a funky look to your gift. Comic sections can be used for children’s gift, Sports section can be used for sports lovers and Bollywood section can be used for all the Bollywood buff’s. It’s a win-win for you and the environment!

2) Celebrate with your Loved ones

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Festivals are best celebrated with your loved ones. Organize a Diwali party where your relatives, friends & family come together at one place and have the festivities going on. It’ll help in reducing the cost and usage of everything including sweets, decorations, electricity, food, etc. Are you looking for the perfect venue for your Diwali party? Checkout VenueLook.com for ample amount of options!

3) Say No to Plastic

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When you’re organizing a Diwali party, use biodegradable containers rather than plastic ones. Diwali is not just about prosperity of you and your family, but also the environment. Buy a Jute bag. The best part about that is you save yourself the trouble of cleaning all the unwanted plastic at home when its cleaning time! A step like this will go a long way for the environment.

4) Crack it but only Thoughtfully

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This Diwali let’s be a little sensitive. Drop the crackers, it only makes it extremely harmful for babies, animals and birds. The real demon is the pollution that spoils our environment. So, this time let concern be the thing that you proudly flaunt!

5) Organic Rangoli


In the earlier days, Rangolis used to be a way to feed the birds and animals during the festive days. Go retro and instead of using chemical colours, use colourful food grains and natural colours for your Rangoli. You could use coloured pulses, bright flowers, turmeric powder and red kumkum for a gorgeous Rangoli.


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