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Event Planning Tips

Must Know Event Planning Tips & Tricks

How to Find the Best Party Vendor?

These days parties are organized with a lot of fanfare and enthusiasm. Throwing a party is about leaving an everlasting impression, so doing something that is run of the mill is a strict ‘No’. This is why the party planners are in huge demand and they definitely create a difference. …

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How to Host a Barbecue Party

A barbecue or barbeque party is the best way to acknowledge a pleasant weather. Commonly used abbreviations for the same are BBQ, Bar-B-Q. Contrary to what most people may think, a barbecue party can be hosted anywhere and not just in a backyard. In fact, there are many great places …

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Destination Wedding: An Emerging Trend!

Since you have already popped the question and celebrated it with a bottle of champagne, it’s now time for the big event. Planning a wedding can be tiring and exciting both. The latest trend these days is a good and relaxing destination wedding. It is an emerging trend in India …

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How to Organize a Fashion Show


Fashion shows are fun events that showcase a designer’s creativity and provide a quick look at their latest upcoming collection. Organizing such an upscale event requires careful and intense planning and an experience of the working of the fashion industry. If you have been tasked with organizing one such event, …

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Top 10 Useful Door Gift Ideas for Your Event

Since door gifts are intended for many, it is hard to make a choice based on individualized preferences. How can you find something that will please everyone? Well, you don’t have to. Something that suits the occasion, will be interesting and useful to most and of course, will fit comfortably …

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