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Exhilarating Kiddos – Consider these best Return Gift Ideas for your Kids Birthday Party

“See what i’ve got…” bouncing over for the little gift and holding it tightly under his arm that friend of your kid joyfully exclaims about the return gift. Long gone are those days, when chocolates and pencil bags were deemed to be the best return gifts. The carryback boons are the ones which arouse curiosity within the kids. Here is a list of few birthday favour recommendations that are distinctive as they accompany both educational element and entertainment for your kiddo guests at the Birthday Party.

1. Planting Kit

planting kit edited
Thinking of giving away something eco friendly, then here is a distinctive birthday favour in the form of planting kit. Adding greenery to home is the most welcoming thought. Moreover, the kids will love witnessing these grow up into plants. The kit comes with a recycled plastic pot, a packet of seeds, soil and a lucid instruction manual. Gift this to all the kids on your Kid’s Birthday and contribute towards ‘Go Green’.

2. Kaleidoscope

Take a peep through peep hole and watch the magic unfold. Thought trains of the kids go haywire and this return gift will exactly help them do that. Kaleidoscope can be fun to just laze around with. The reflections and patterns are surely going to cheer up the kids even after the end of the Birthday Party.

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3. Personalised Towels

The on going trend is making children fascinate and crazily follow their superheroes and favourite cartoon characters. Giving away printed towels which will have the names of each individual little guests present in the party seems to be the best among the return gift ideas.

4. Board Games

board games
Not just a cure for rainy-indoor day, Board Games are an ideal method to inculcate teamwork, problem solving, planning, coordination, execution and mental maths in children. Choose from over a 500 variety of board games such as Sequence, Cluedo, Monopoly, Pictureka, Snakes & Ladders and much more based on kids’ age group and your budget.

5. Glow in the Dark Stars

glow in the dark
Not only would get them fascinated, it will also pique their interest in science and astronomy. It would teach them about the milky way galaxy and the solar system. Pick a nice pack of Glow in the Dark Stars and help kiddos turn their simple rooms into their own galaxy in a jiffy.


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