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Interesting Ideas for the Perfect Mehendi Night

Indian marriages are replete with various ceremonies and rituals which are sometimes spread over days and weeks. One such extremely significant event is the mehendi or henna night. This event takes place before the wedding and is generally attended by friends and family of the bride. On this day the bride’s feet and hands are adorned with stunning and intricate mehendi designs as a preparation for her marriage. Such an important and auspicious day must definitely be made memorable for the bride. Here are some ideas you can incorporate while organising a mehendi function –

Innovative Invites

Innovative Invites are being preferred over the Standard ones these days. Penning the mehendi invite on a cone, have something pop out of your invitation box, or using a scroll that unfolds to reveal the invite are a few such innovative ideas. Go traditional or add some contemporary elements like bows and ribbons to your invitations.

Creative Gifts

Hand out something unique to each guest as they enter the venue. You can give ‘jhoomars’ to wear in the hair, ‘leheriya duppattas’ to wrap around the neck, innovative embroidered hairbands, big sized cocktail rings or beautiful bangles. This will make the guests feel more involved in the event and create excitement.

For Event Planning Trends

Mehendi Inspired Cookies

You can make mehendi inspired cookies or cones filled with gems or chocolate sauce for the guests. The cookies can be made with colourful icings and then some mehendi inspired designs can be drawn on the icing. These will definitely add lots of colour to the event. The sweets filled cones are another interesting idea that go with the theme. You can decorate the cones with pretty ribbons.

Everyone is a Photographer

Turn your guests into photographers by asking them to click pictures with their cell phones or cameras throughout the event. At the end the bride will decide the best picture and the photographer will be rewarded.

Singing with Gay Abandon

Singing forms an important part of the event. You can either arrange a karaoke system to add glamour or play the age old ‘Antakshri‘ to entertain the guests. You can also add some innovative twist to the game like singing only wedding-related songs. Karaoke is an exciting idea that can even bring out shy people from their shells raveling in the exciting moments of the day.

Dancing Galore

Dancing too is mandatory at such events. You can make teams and provide them with a ‘dholak’. Some members of the group will then be asked to dance to the dholak beats while other members play the dholak and sing along. Individual performances and group dances can liven up the event.

Funny Competitions

For the fun-loving guests who like to eat, you can organise a golgappa/chaat eating competition. “Best Dholak Player”, “Best Comic Dancer”, “Best Dressed Couple” could be other fun competitions. Such competitions are sure to tickle the guests. 🙂

Thoughtful Return Gifts

Remember to hand out small gifts to the guests before they leave. You can choose from jewellery boxes, bangle sets, bindi packets, incense sets, scented candles etc., depending on your budget. Wrap these in handmade bags, jute bags or tiny baskets and present to the guests.

Musical Skit to Replay Past Moments

Why not organize a small musical skit wherein you can incorporate few memorable events of the life of the bride-to-be or the groom-to-be? It will no doubt a high point of the evening!

Interesting Activities

Some other ideas for the mehendi night are “Rapid fire round” with choicest guests, ‘Sach ka Saamna’ contest or Awards for the family members for various different categories like ‘Dancing Sensation’, ‘Fashionista Aunt’, ‘Uncle young at Heart’,… 🙂

Henna and/or Nail Art

For this evening, other than the henna artists, one can also arrange a nail art professional or a hair stylist who can further prep up the ladies of the family and guests.

Good Seating Plan

Do not forget to plan a good seating arrangement for the Mehendi night. Keep a good mix of ground and low seating to suit all guests. Provide lots of cushions and bolsters to the guests who choose to sit on the floor.

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