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Latest Indian Wedding Trends

Latest Indian Wedding Trends 2014

India is known for its rich culture and age-old traditions. Every festival and occasion is celebrated with great zeal here.  Weddings are usually grand and ceremonious and are celebrated with pomp and extravagance. However, with modernization and globalization entering into the lives of Indian people, the wedding ceremonies are also shedding their old skin rapidly and taking a trendier form. Many set patterns are losing their grip and modern wedding styles and trends are making their way into the grand Indian wedding scenario. Let’s take a look at the latest Indian wedding trends in 2014.

Changing face of the Indian Wedding

Gone are the days when parents had to find your perfect match. With increasing openness and freedom in modern Indian families, the young people are increasingly making their own choices when it comes to finding their mate. Love marriages are not scoffed at as they used to be just a few years back and are in fact fast moving towards becoming a well-established trend. Outmoded restrictions of religions and castes are loosening up giving rise to interesting wedding ceremonies with traditions of both religions included in it offering the ceremony a multi-religious look. Even same sex marriages are beginning to get social approval.

Professional Wedding Planner

In the past all the wedding planning and preparations were taken care of by family and relatives. Nowadays, couples are inclined to plan their own wedding the way they dream it to be. Getting help from professional wedding planners or party organizers is becoming fashionable. Right from sending customized invitations to decorating the wedding venues as per a trendy theme, weddings events are organized to take care of both traditional as well as contemporary fashion. Searching and buying interesting wedding products, dresses and accessories online; finding and booking venues, entertainment and service providers online; using social media sites like Facebook to send invitations to friends are some of the newest Indian wedding trends in 2014.

For Event Planning Trends

Innovative Bridal Wear

With globalization and incorporation of western styles into our own traditional wedding outfits, bridal wear has taken a new form and will continue to evolve in 2014. More innovative and bolder cuts, patterns and colors that will appeal the global audience are likely to be the ruling trends in bridal dressing. Traditional embroidered designs for sarees and flowing bridal gowns are going to continue with their charm and elegance. With the overall outlook of the Indian woman becoming more expansive she is not afraid to experiment with her style and this will keep reflecting in her wedding dressing with offbeat choices of designs and colors.

Destination Weddings are in Vogue

Not too long ago weddings were typically celebrated either in the big joint-family house or in a marriage hall. With Indian people becoming more dynamic in every walk of life, weddings are now being organized at locations away from the native cities and towns of the couple. This emerging trend adds to the fun, excitement and specialness of the wedding event and is definitely going to grow in the coming years. Venues with beautiful, open surroundings and historical significance are being preferred over the traditional ones. Places like Goa, Kerala, Rajasthan, etc. are becoming popular as favorite wedding destinations for many couples.

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