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Namkaran Ideas for Great Naming Day Celebrations

In India, the baby naming ceremony is popularly known as ‘Namkaran‘. Post the birth of your angel, this is yet another affair which is of momentous significance. Baby naming ceremony is something parents eagerly await for, and is usually a grand family affair. From zeroing on the venue to attires, the Namkaran ceremony in India is a testimony of the parents rushing about to make preparations for everything. Each individual invited to this ceremony would be yearning to know the name you have finally selected for your baby. Read on to discover some interesting baby naming ideas and pick the one that attracts you the most.

Plan the Guessing Game

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One of the most simple and fascinating ways to declare the name of the baby is by playing a guessing game. You simply have to disclose the first and last alphabet of your munchkin’s name and let the guests do the rest of the job, that is, guess the name of the baby! To increase the fun element further, do a reverse counting as the guests submit their suppositions in the guessing box along with their names. Once the game is over, read the chits aloud and select the ones that are same as your baby’s name. Announce the result to all the guests. And yes, make sure to bestow the winners with rewards!


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This is one of the most thrilling means of divulging the name of your baby. Plan the baby naming ceremony around evening so that you can execute this exhilarating way of revealing your baby’s name with fireworks. In addition to helping you reflect your happiness to the world, it adds a conventional touch to the ceremony as well. Choose fireworks that would illumine the sky with your angel’s name. Having said that, it is highly recommended to resort to professional help while carrying out this fireworks task to ensure precision and safety.

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Declare your Baby’s Name with Sweets

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In India, good news are always accompanied with sweets and when it’s about revealing the name of your child who has just seen the light of this world, can it get better than this? Dole out parcel of sweets with each sweet revealing an alphabet arranged in a manner to spell the name of your baby! Once every invitee has received the parcel, start a countdown and ask them to unpack the boxes. This is a delightful yet traditional way of disclosing your baby’s name.

In case you’ve settled on a name for your precious one, then it’s great. Heartiest congratulations for that! However, if you are yet to pick a name and are finding yourself in a tough position, you can also take help of Baby Name Generators. This would aid you choose the ideal name based on the search specifications. Try out the baby naming ceremony ideas discussed in this write-up and add a conventional touch to the naming ceremony. Please do suggest your own unique ideas around Baby Naming Ceremony also in the comments below for more new parents.

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