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Planning an Innovative DIY Party

A birthday party or a house warming party or, for that matter a sudden get together of friends can bring jitters to the host.

One, the house budget is sure to be toppled by the heavy expenses of the party. Second, a lot of pain has to be taken to arrange for the various things starting from the decoration to food to serving cutleries. One party can take up a lot of energy and resources of the host.

On a second note, don’t these parties add the zing factor to our lives? What if we could convert the DIY Party we planned into an interesting and innovative one at absolutely no or minimum extra cost. Some of the readily available materials such as washy tapes or Popsicle sticks at home can change the entire look of the party and convert it into a party to be remembered over the time. Using all these materials would not only make the party look interesting, but it would keep the party within budget as well.

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Cute DIY Ideas to Make the party Happening

Some of the very easy and cute ideas can be executed at the most basic places making the entire party more refreshing even for the host –



  • Colorful tissue papers can be cut into the shape of flowers and a long garland of such flowers would decorate the place at a meager cost of tissue papers.
  • Just like the tissue paper flowers, the cupcake liners can also be chained into a garland to give a colorful look to the party.
  • The cupcake liner garlands can also have small lights fitted to give an all light and bright look to the party.
  • Popsicle sticks can be colored and laid together to form a decorative piece of table runner.
  • The boring, mundane floor can be made to look interesting by making different shapes with a stencil and water colors / flower petals / coloured flour.
  • The balloons, which are used in the party can have confetti placed inside them to give the place a disco look.
  • The coffee filter papers can also be used to make flower decorations for the party


Cool, Refreshing Drink


In place of the boring ice cube box, water balloons can be filled with ice cubes to keep the water and other drinks cool. Not only the drinks, but the presentation are also refreshing with all the colors around. The children at the party are sure to love it. To add a little more jig to the party, this water cum ice balloon can then be used to play around.



Instead of having formal placeholders, innovative placeholders made out of paper with the name tags attached to the same can be slipped into forks to serve the purpose. This would not look new and innovative but also be less costly.


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  • Cutlery such as wooden forks can be colored with easy paints to give a colorful look to the dining table.
  • Such cutlery can be placed together in small cute flower pots instead of formally laying them on the table. People can serve themselves as and when they like.
  • The oh-so inexpensive plastic cups can be changed into classy and designer cups by just putting colorful Washi tapes around them.
  • The same way tape can give a classy look to the napkins and the straws used at the party.
  • An old plate and a candlestick can be put together to make a cake tray.

These are just a few ideas to list. There can be lots and lots of ideas you can come up with. Many such ideas can be thought of from our day to day activities. They look beautiful and are within budget thus making you a smart host.

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