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How to celebrate Indian and International Festivals – inspiration and ideas

Christmas Decoration Ideas 2023: Your Ultimate Guide to a Festive Home

As we prepare to welcome another holiday season, it’s time to dust off the old Christmas decorations and consider adding some fresh, contemporary touches. The year 2023 promises a delightful blend of traditional Christmas aesthetics with modern, creative twists. This article explores the most exciting Christmas decoration trends predicted for …

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Eco-friendly and Thoughtful Diwali Gift Ideas to Light Up Hearts and Planet

Diwali, universally known as the festival of lights, is a significant occasion celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy in India and across the world. Traditionally, the exchange of gifts is a vital part of this grand celebration, symbolizing love, prosperity, and good wishes. As the year 2023 approaches, here are …

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Navratri 2023: Revamp Your Festive Wardrobe with these Garba Outfit Inspirations

The festive season of Navratri brings with it the exhilarating Garba nights, a vibrant spectacle of dance, music, and colors. As the anticipation builds, it’s time to start planning your Garba night outfits. Whether you’re a seasoned Garba enthusiast or a novice, we have curated a list of unique and …

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7+Types Of Thandai You Can Have This Holi

“Thandai” is the traditional drink of the festival of colours Holi. The classic Thandai is made of fennel seeds, milk, saffron, magajtari seeds, rose petals, almonds, pepper, cardamom pods, and sugar. But now it is significantly changed over time. The thandai, like other items associated with the festival of colours, …

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