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Latest Party Games for all kinds of occasions and audience – icebreaker games and team building activities to engage and entertain the guests

What are some good family party games?

Families coming together during summer or winter vacations or to mark a special occasion in itself is a time to celebrate. Reminiscing childhood memories, sharing fun moments, listening to age-old tales by our elders, cooking and eating together are just a few ways to enjoy precious family moments. One more …

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Play Tambola with Playing Cards

New Tambola Variation

All of us have played Tambola in social gatherings, office get-togethers, kitty parties and society events. To play the standard version of Tambola / Housie, read How to play Tambola. If you are looking for a new way of playing Tambola, read on… 🙂 For convenience, lets call this New …

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