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11 Types Of Bars – Nightclubs, Pubs and Lounges

The Greeks and Romans from yesteryear frequented taverns to get their hands on a glass full of alcohol, food, games and entertainment galore. This goes to show ‘bars’ aren’t a concept that emerged recently. It’s a local hangout, a public house for business meets or a glitzy nightclub — each …

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10 Handmade Bachelorette Return Gift Ideas

Bachelorette parties are in vogue. While the grooms-to-be rejoice and bask in the happiness of ending their bachelor life and stepping into a whole new realm, brides-to-be have their own share of fun at their bachelorette parties. The party is usually thrown by a close friend, colleague, cousin, or a …

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Family Get-Together Venues In Noida

Family Get-Together means a happy moment with family. Traditional family get-together may include a potluck meal where each family brings a different dish to share and a group activity that everyone can participate in, such as a game or a family hike. Non-traditional family get-together may include traveling to a …

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