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10 Handmade Bachelorette Return Gift Ideas

Bachelorette parties are in vogue. While the grooms-to-be rejoice and bask in the happiness of ending their bachelor life and stepping into a whole new realm, brides-to-be have their own share of fun at their bachelorette parties. The party is usually thrown by a close friend, colleague, cousin, or a relative. Just as the bridegroom’s colleagues and friends take him out for some merrymaking before the D-Day, a bachelorette party is a special day-out for the girl gang with their bride-to-be pal. To take delight in the conversion from a single lifestyle into the allegiance of married life, bachelorette parties are held in various different formats around the world.

Since the bride gang works with immense energy and effort to make the bachelorette party a roaring success, it is upon bride-to-be to return the favour by presenting the girls with something they can take back home, or utilize during the weekends. This article is a compilation of some such bachelorette return gift ideas.

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1. DIY Mini Glitter Champagne Bottles

Can anything be better than returning the favour to your bride tribe by offering them bottles of champagne? To give it a personal touch, spread glue across the bottles and then sprinkle glitter all over it. You can also attach a pretty tag to the bottles and skip the glitter part.

2. “To Hold and To Have” Hair Ties

bachelorette return gifts

These personalized hair ties are a sweet and simple gift which can be placed in your guests’ favour bags.

3. Handmade Party Pins

bachelorette return gifts

For the bride gang, these handmade, bachelorette party pins are a fine, nice accessory.

4. Customized Compact Mirrors

You need to rack your brains to recollect the name of any one such girl who doesn’t love doing makeup. And when it is about bachelorette party favours, can anything get better than personalized compact mirrors? Pick colours of your preference, write everyone’s initials or names, and be rest assured that your girl gang will fall for this pretty, girly gift.

5. Acrylic Wine Tumblers

bachelorette return gifts

For adults, these wine tumblers are sippy cups and are simply apt for averting any kind of spillage in a party bus, while hanging out by the beach, or on the boat.

6. Team Bride Headbands

Aside from looking super adorable, you all will stand apart from the crowd on donning these team bride headbands.

7. Bachelorette Flash Tattoos

bachelorette return gifts

Tattoos are deemed as a must-have for the bachelorette party and an ideal addition to the favor bags of the invitees.

8. Sunglasses Case

bachelorette return gifts

Gift your girl gang cute sunglass cases so that they can safely keep their eye accessory when not in use.

9. Anchor Monogrammed Tote Bags

bachelorette return gifts

When it comes to bachelorette party return gifts, smart tote bags have become quite common. Hence, with monogram and anchor details, take these bachelorette party return gifts a notch higher.

10. Pendant

The bachelorette party will end, but the life of your girl squad won’t. Isn’t it? Offer them pendants with your initials engraved on it so that they remember you and this day for years to come.

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