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Wedding Flowers – Your Ultimate Guide

Many factors play a key element in wedding ceremony planning, certainly considered one among them being your wedding ceremony flowers. Flowers can enhance and uplift your wedding decor and add to your wedding theme by providing the right colours and texture to the venue. When it involves deciding upon your flowers, here are some of the biggest elements to keep in mind.

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Wedding Flowers Based on Colour Theme

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Choosing the proper hues for your wedding ceremony day is a big part of your theme and decor decision. Therefore, one needs to choose wedding flowers based on the colour theme. Most designers like to plan wedding theme colours based on the colours of the bride and groom’s outfits.

Wedding Flowers Based on Season

Choosing flowers that are consistent with the present season is a great bet. Popular choices in Summer Season are – Roses, A range of Pinks, White, Red, Deep Red, Yellow, Lotus, Hydrangeas, etc.. Popular choices in Winter Season are – Mogra, Lillies, Carnations, Orchids, etc. Flowers that are available all year round include – Chrysanthemum, Marigold, Tulips etc.

Wedding Flowers Based on Price

Costing is a critical deciding factor in picking out wedding ceremony flowers. One needs to do their homework nicely before deciding on the flowers so as to keep the costs within the budget-range.

Wedding Flowers that are Contemporary or Unique

If you want the venue to look breathtaking, go for a contemporary or unique look. It additionally represents the distinctiveness of the bride and is best for a sophisticated, cosmopolitan fashion wedding. Choose white or rustic, rich-hued tropical leaves or a pink and white combination.

Wedding Flowers Based on Your Taste

Different individuals have different tastes. Weddings are personal and should reflect the personalities of bride and groom. Choose from sober, sophisticated, minimalistic to bright, colorful, eclectic, bold combinations of wedding flowers depending on the taste and style of bride and groom.

Wedding Flowers Based on Fragrance

The most fragrant flowers add a mesmerizing effect to the ambience of the wedding place. If good fragrance is what you desire, flowers with your favourite fragrance need to be taken into consideration.

Wedding Flowers Based on their Meaning

The Language of Flowers creates a romantic language for lovers. You can choose to select Flowers with meaning. Carnationspink represents boldness, red symbolizes love, and white indicates talent. Roses – They are the symbol of romance, love and beauty. Chrysanthemum – Represent wealth, abundance and truth. Daffodils – bright, springy daffodil represents happiness and kind regards. Lilies – Represent majesty, truth and honour.                                         

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