Most of the Hindu weddings are known for its rituals and the delicious food. Mehendi is one of the grand rituals at the wedding. Applying mehendi onto the bride-to-be’s hands is a must, it helps her to stay calm before the biggest day of her life as it has medicinal properties. The bride-to-be gets her hands painted into beautiful designs. Mehendi ceremony is not just about adorning yourself but also all the other female guests, so get ready to kick start the planning by following these essentials.

1) Singer


Singing is a crucial part of the mehendi ceremony. Hire a professional singer for the ceremony, who can sing a few traditional Bollywood songs and plan a few games which involve the guests singing, for e.g. Antakshari. This will help you create a bonanza atmosphere, your guests can dance and enjoy the event.

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2) Decor


For your boisterous set of guests, you need to select a theme and kick start the decorations in full swing. The theme could be a Village, Ice, Fire, it could range for Kitschy to Chic! As far as the decoration is concerned, you’ll have to take care of the entry, the stage, the guest seating, the bridal seating, the bar, the food stalls and the photo booth. Browse VenueLook.com for the best Mehendi venue options.


3) Dance Performances


Dance performances at the mehendi ceremony are a must. Get a choreographer on board and plan some fun dance performances by the family members and friends. You could also plan a few dancing games.

4) Games


Arrange for some fun games at the ceremony, it will help you keep the ceremony alive. You could incorporate simple yet fun games. Your mehendi night will surely be a success if you do so. Games like find the groom’s name on the bride’s mehendi, dance battle, could be fun.

5) Photographers


You can’t afford to miss a good photography session in the Mehendi ceremony. Hire professional photographers and videographers to make this day memorable, as they will document every little moment of the ceremony.

So, what are you waiting for? Let the planning begin!

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