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Impress Your Guests with 10 DIY Decorations

It is not every time the news of guests coming over to your place leave you all happy and chirpy. Many a times, it can also generate angst, disgust, and nervous jitters owing to the cleaning of mess after the guests are gone, the poor state of your interiors and what impression will the guests have about this. Fret no more! In this article, we have shared some super easy decorations that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. How? Because these are DIY decorations guys! Read on.

1. Rustic Wood Christmas Wreath –

DIY decor

This wreath can be created with less than $11. Yes, you read it right. The materials needed to make this unique wreath are hot glue, twine, wooden stars, ribbon, white spray paint, and short, bleached wooden hoop. Start by painting the wooden hoop. Once it has dried, apply some hot glue to the end of the sticks and paste it on the hoop. Once all the sticks have been attached, glue the twine with the stars.

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2. Crate Christmas Tree –

DIY decorations

Who said that Christmas trees are meant for Christmas only? No way! You can even use these as beautiful pieces of adornment at various different places in your house. Crate Christmas tree is an excellent substitute for the customary tree and is apt for compact spaces.

3. Huge Christmas Ornaments from Old Tyres –

DIY decor

Who had thought that even redundant tyres can also be made use of as a home decor item?

4. Snowflake Wreath Created with Unused Puzzle Pieces –

DIY decor

In case you own excess puzzle pieces, keep them with care as they can come handy in making some pretty home decoration items. With bling, glue, and some paint, it can become an amazing front door decor.

5. Outdoor Christmas Balls –

DIY decor

These have to crafted with tuna cans and low-cost glass globes.

6. Lighted Garland –

DIY decor

By making use of tulle and some fabric, create a plain string of Christmas lights into an enchanting lighted garland.

7. Snowball Mason Jar Candle holders –

DIY decor

By putting into use a melange of jars, white yarn, artificial berries and greenery, twine, and fuzzy, craft some pretty Christmas jars.

8. Burlap Wreath –

DIY decor

Even though crafting this lovely burlap wreath can leave you all peeved, however, this is quite an easy DIY decoration as well. There is no complex ornamentation or elaborate floral arrangement to create. In case you have many other porch embellishments that you don’t want your guests to look past, then this design is simply awesome.

9. Wood Pallet Snowman –

DIY decor

Transform an old pallet into a distinctive snowman knick-knack to beautify your garden or yard.

10. Fall Wreath –

DIY decor

This decoration is not only filled with multifarious flowers and ribbons, but possesses several rustic elements that would fascinate you as well. To enhance its beauty, you can also add some cute faux birds to this decoration. Materials required to make this are a pair of scissors, bunches of artificial fall leaves, a large or medium grapevine wreath, and some fresh stems of Craspedia.

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