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Rocking Kalira Designs to Complete your Wedding Outfit

Kalira, also spelt as kalire, is an umbrella-shaped ornament festooned in gold or silver. Kalira is fastened to the bangle, popularly known as chooda of the bride. Chooda is a set of the customary red and white-hued bangles that a bride wears on each of her hands. The wedding outfit of a Punjabi bride is partially complete without the splendid kalire or kalira. These loosely swinging kalire strands carry plenty of bridal beauty. The importance that a bride attaches to the kalira is undeniable. She cautiously chooses the kalira design to boastfully display her chooda with extreme pride. In this article, we present to you some awe-inspiring trending kalire designs that you can wear on your d-day. While some vary from kitsch to bohemian, others are ornate or simple.

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The Tassel Treat Kalira

These fashionably elegant and decorative tassel kalire designs come with a modern twist that would make any girl pine to get married.

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The Pearl Chandelier Kalira

If you are fond of chandelier earrings, then you are bound to crazily fall in love with this kalire design. This kalire is so strikingly beautiful that one would for sure utter the word ‘wow!’ the moment they lay their eyes on it.


Dainty Diamante Kalira

These aesthetically pleasing bell-shaped, jhumka-based designed kalira are an absolute style statement the spectators will not forget in years.


Ghungroo Kalire

In case you are desirous of looking appealingly traditional, look no more than these pretty kalira that would give the impression of ghungroos on your hands.


Floral Kalire

These kaliras would exude a peerless, eccentric, and outlandish look. This is simply apt for the Bohemian brides who want to deviate from the customary kalire patterns.


The Charm Kalire

This kalira style is ideal for brides who wish to have a somewhat western twist.


Pom Pom Kalira

Pom-Pom kalire go well with breezy and light wedding attires. When it comes to pairing kaliras with morning weddings or summery lehengas, these are certain to succeed. These kaliras can be customized by even tailors and boutiques.


Balls and Shells

Kaliras with bulky balls and shells are unquestionably quite distinctive. Shells mingled with golden balls in kalire can go well with peach and pinkish lehengas.


Kaliras with Kundan Adornments

In addition to accentuating bridal attires which are minimal, these kaliras will go really well with heavily-embellished sarees or lehengas. When it comes to maroon or red bridal attires, kundan, which is an extremely versatile yet conventional sort of jewellery, is an icing on the cake.


Silver Kaliras

If done perfectly, silver kaliras can look utterly breathtaking. You can vouch for that! Brides picking pastels for their d-day, silver kaliras can enhance the
beauty of their wedding attire. You can either attach them plain or choose to have pastel tassels at the end of the kaliras.


Golden Three-tiered Kaliras

Apart from being fashionable and extremely beautiful, these kaliras complete the wedding ensemble since they are as conventional as they can get.


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