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Best Wedding Car Decoration Ideas!

Weddings are all about celebration and people generally give their best to make this special day of their lives memorable for everyone. One of the most important rituals at a wedding is the Bidaai ceremony in which the bride goes to her new home with her newly wedded husband and it is an essential part of every wedding ceremony. However, the most essential element in this ceremony is the car or the vehicle in which they leave towards their home. The first car ride as newlyweds is an exciting and priceless moment that the couple share with each other. No matter that you might have gone on gazillion rides with your wife-to-be, the fact is that the first ride right after marriage holds special importance and we are sure you wouldn’t want that to be a normal one. Decking your wheels with astounding decor can make it more remarkable. 

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Since years this tradition is going on and people have used from flowers to ribbons, balloons to tulle, there is nothing that hasn’t been used for car decoration at weddings. Car decoration is one of the few common traditions followed in the east as well as the west. However, weddings are the only time when the brand of your car is less important but how you’ve gotten it decorated is what will be talked about. With so much pressure on you to make the first ride memorable, we thought of sharing some of the cool ideas of car decoration that we found on the internet and are surely going to inspire you. 

Planning an Event?

Just Married

While this is a concept borrowed from the west, it still is a super cool idea to get “Just Married” written letter by letter at the trunk of the car. Apart from being a good photo opportunity from the back as your car leaves the driveway, this one works even better if done to an open roof car. This way your photo can capture the car decoration as well as you.

Beautify the Bumper

Hiring vintage cars for your first ride after the wedding is an extremely famous concept in India, but what we really like about these vintage cars is that less looks more when it comes to car decoration for them. Just like this uber cool idea of beautifying the bumper with some extravagant flowers and putting small bouquets on each of the car doors.

Teddies or Miniature Cartoon Couples

While it isn’t a very common car decoration idea in India, using a teddy couple or any other Disney couple to enhance the look of the newlyweds’ car is still a very appealing concept in the weddings. What completes this idea is the use of ribbons and roses to enhance the car and make it look more adorable.

Big Heart

Another very simple and yet very charming idea is that of a big heart-shaped bouquet on the bonnet made with roses or any other favourite flower of the couple. If you’re the groom who wishes to go with a simple wedding car decoration idea then this one will surely win your expectations. 

Bouquet to Beautify

While this is one of the most common car decoration ideas, it does have a grace of its own. This one if for the grooms that want to go for a minimalistic idea without making the car look fully decked up. While the idea might be common, what is not common is the design of bouquet that uses tulle to create a vase-like shape and the flowers on the top making it look like a vase of flowers.

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