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Auspicious Marriage Dates in 2020

This is your guide to the most auspicious marriage dates in the year 2020. In the words of Richard Bach, “ True love stories never have endings”.

Planning to tie the knot this year? Welcome to the first step of a truly blissful journey. 

We get it. From choosing the right venue to deciding how many guests you want and to keep a track of Shubh marriage dates and Muhurats according to Hindu astrology, there’s so much to do. Oof! sounds tiresome, ain’t it? Take a chill pill, sit back and relax for we have done half the work for you. Browse through your personal guide to the most auspicious marriage dates starting February 2020 and get started on your planning.

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(please note: A learned scholar in Hindu astrology should be contacted before you finalise a marriage date)

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The Romantic Months (February-April)

Love is in the air, monsieur. Get married in the chirping, romantic months of February, March or April. Go with the season of blossoming flowers and don a pastel, floral attire. The perfect weather allows you to choose from a gamut of outdoor venues as well. Choose the perfect dates and go through our list of endless wedding venues and wedding vendors to build your team or leave all your planning worries with us for a custom wedding planning at venuelook.com


February 16, 2020/ Sunday

February 18, 2020/ Tuesday

February 25, 2020/ Tuesday

February 26, 2020/  Wednesday 

February 27, 2020/Thursday 

March 2, 2020/ Monday 

March 3, 2020/ Tuesday 

March 4, 2020/Wednesday 

March 8, 2020/ Sunday

March 11, 2020/Wednesday

March 12, 2020/ Thursday 

April 14, 2020/ Tuesday

April 15, 2020/ Wednesday 

April 25, 2020/ Saturday 

April 26, 2020/ Sunday 

Muhurat (24-Hour format)

06:59 to 11:50

14:32 to 06:07, Feb 19

19:11 to 06:50, Feb 26

06:50 to 06:49, Feb 27

06:49 to 17:28

01:26 to 06:43, Mar 03

06:43 to 06:42, Mar 04

06:42 to 11:24

12:12 to 03:03, Mar 09

08:12 to 19:00

16:16 to 00:04, Mar 13

19:41 to 05:55, Apr 15

05:55 to 21:04

20:58 to 05:44, Apr 26

05:44 to 23:55




Uttara Bhadrapada

Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati



Rohini, Mrigashirsha





Uttara Ashadha

Uttara Ashadha



The Fun-filled Months (May and June)

The months from May to June come with a blazing sun hovering over our heads, but they also happen to have the largest number of auspicious marriage dates. The onset of rainy June also calls for indoor venues. You can always don light-coloured breezy attires for all your wedding functions and you’ll be good to go! Serve your guests with a summary cuisine with cool beverages and light food, and the party’s on! Choose your dates while we’ve got you covered with the most luxurious A/C indoor venues for all your pre-wedding and wedding functions during these months.


May 2, 2020/Saturday

May 4, 2020/ Monday

May 5, 2020/Tuesday 

May 6, 2020/ Wednesday

May 8, 2020/Friday 

May 10, 2020/Sunday 

May 12, 2020/Tuesday

May 17, 2020/Sunday 

May 18, 2020/Monday

May 19, 2020/ Tuesday

May 23, 2020/Saturday 

May 24, 2020/ Sunday 

June 13, 2020/ Saturday

June 14, 2020/ Sunday

June 15, 2020/ Monday

June 25, 2020/ Thursday

June 26, 2020/ Friday

June 28, 2020/ Sunday

Muhurat (24-Hour Format)

06:44 to 23:40

08:36 to 05:37, May 05

05:37 to 16:39

13:51 to 19:44

08:38 to 12:57

10:50 to 04:13, May 11

05:32 to 04:54, May 13

13:59 to 05:28, May 18

05:28 to 05:28, May 19

05:28 to 13:10

11:45 to 05:26, May 24

05:26 to 05:25, May 25

21:28 to 05:23, Jun 14

05:23 to 05:23, Jun 15

05:23 to 16:30

18:12 to 05:25, Jun 26

05:25 to 11:26

13:45 to 20:14



Uttara Phalguni, Hasta





Uttara Ashadha

Uttara Bhadrapada

Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati




Uttara Bhadrapada

Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati





The Divine Months (November and December)

It’s time for a wedding straight from Heaven. In the months of November and December, it gets pretty chilly, but somehow, it’s the perfect weather for a cosy romantic wedding. And of course, it’s the super auspicious Diwali month. How could you miss getting wed in the holiest months in any Hindu’s life? Luxurious Banquets, bold decors, heavy sherwanis and gowns, it’s a fairytale affair. Oh and that must-have steaming hot cup of coffee or chai in hand. Ah, what bliss! Book your dates and browse through our biggest collection of best-suited venues for a wedding made in Heaven. 


November 25, 2020/ Wednesday

November 30, 2020/ Monday

December 1, 2020/ Tuesday

December 7, 2020/ Monday

December 8, 2020/ Tuesday

December 9, 2020/ Wednesday

December 11, 2020/ Friday

Muhurat (24 Hour Format)

06:51 to 15:54

06:55 to 06:56, Dec 01

06:56 to 06:57, Dec 02

07:20 to 14:33

13:48 to 07:02, Dec 09

07:02 to 02:07, Dec 10

08:48 to 15:52


Uttara Bhadrapada


Rohini, Mrigashirsha


Uttara Phalguni

Uttara Phalguni, Hasta


*For all the months that are not there in the list, there are no auspicious Muhurats available in 2020. 

For the Modern Man and Woman

Couldn’t find the date you wanted in the list?

We’re pretty sure all the work deadlines and business trips take a toll on you. Or you’re the unorthodox kind that’s okay with any date that suits you and your beloved best. You can always choose to go out of the way and book a date that’s not in the list. We work all year round for you. 

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We can guarantee, in the list or not on the list, whichever dates and venues you choose for your big day celebrations, you’re going to love us! 

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