Your guide to the most auspicious marriage dates in 2021

If you are one of those couples who have had to postpone their weddings due to 2020 being nothing but a bummer year, you are not alone. Whether Coronavirus made you postpone your dream wedding or you anyway planned a 2021 wedding, we are happy to be at your service. Scroll away to find the most auspicious marriage dates in 2021 all in one place! Delay no more and book your vendor, venue, entertainment and more only through and avail exciting offers on pre-bookings. Kis muhurat ka intezaar hai phir? Take the first step to a truly blissful journey.

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Marriage dates in January 2021

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The month of January is probably going to be jam-packed with couples who had to postpone their weddings, rushing to avail the first chance to get hitched. In such a scenario, it wouldn’t be too surprising to find all vendors and venues booked well in advance. If you cannot afford to postpone tying the knot once more, we’d suggest you fix a date and start booking now!

Here is a list of all the auspicious marriage dates in January 2021:

Date Day
18-Jan-2021 Mon
20-Jan-2021 Wed
24-Jan-2021 Sun
31-Jan-2021 Sun

Marriage dates in February 2021

Ah, the chirping love month of February. The onset of spring and the whiff of everything love-like in the air. The cold but not too chilly month of February is a wonderful time to tie the knot. A February wedding gives you the freedom to wear either a soft, light outfit or a heavy one. Apart from that, you have a gamut of outdoor and indoor options to choose from.

Date Day
1-Feb-2021 Mon
7-Feb-2021 Sun
14-Feb-2021 Sun
15-Feb-2021 Mon
16-Feb-2021 Tue
21-Feb-2021 Sun
28-Feb-2021 Sun

Marriage dates in March 2021

Spring and love are two words that define perfectly what the month of March is. With clear skies and the fragrance of fresh flowers all around, March sounds like the best option for an outdoor or destination wedding.

Here is a list of all the auspicious marriage dates in March 2021:

Date Day
3-Mar-2021 Wed
5-Mar-2021 Fri
8-Mar-2021 Sun
14-Mar-2021 Mon

Marriage dates in April 2021

April weddings call for breezy attires and pastel colours, outdoor venues and the onset of summers. They are definitely a favourite among many. If you think the month of April resonates with you more than any other, fix a date now!

Here is a list of all the auspicious marriage dates in April 2021:

Date Day
22-Apr-2021 Thu
24-Apr-2021 Sat
25-Apr-2021 Sun
26-Apr-2021 Mon
27-Apr-2021 Tue
28-Apr-2021 Wed
29-Apr-2021 Thu
30-Apr-2021 Fri

Marriage dates in May 2021

Planning to tie the knot in May 2021? It could just be the best time for you all, muhurat-wise. May 2021 comes with a whopping 15 muhurat dates. It rings wedding bells from every corner. Time to pull up your socks, fix a date and start planning now!

Here is a list of all the auspicious marriage dates in May 2021:

Date Day
1-May-2021 Sat
2-May-2021 Sun
7-May-2021 Fri
8-May-2021 Sat
9-May-2021 Sun
13-May-2021 Thu
14-May-2021 Fri
21-May-2021 Fri
22-May-2021 Sat
23-May-2021 Sun
24-May-2021 Mon
26-May-2021 Wed
28-May-2021 Fri
29-May-2021 Sat
30-May-2021 Sun

Marriage dates in June 2021

For some, rain equates romance and June could be the perfect month for y’all! Although the unpredictable weather skies in June and July don’t allow for an outdoor venue, there are a plethora of indoor options on Venuelook you can choose from.

Here is a list of all the auspicious marriage dates in June 2021:

Date Day
3-Jun-2021 Thu
4-Jun-2021 Fri
5-Jun-2021 Sat
16-Jun-2021 Wed
19-Jun-2021 Sat
20-Jun-2021 Sun
22-Jun-2021 Tue
23-Jun-2021 Wed
24-Jun-2021 Thu

Marriage dates in July 2021

Wedding shenanigans in July are a rarity. However, if you are the couple that likes to do things out-of-the-box, July could be the month of love for you! Choose from a limited number of dates but unlimited venue options (owing to low demands). It is also the perfect time of the year to have the destination wedding of your dreams!

Date Day
1-Jul-2021 Thu
2-Jul-2021 Fri
7-Jul-2021 Wed
13-Jul-2021 Tue
15-Jul-2021 Thu

No Marriage dates in August-October 2021

Although the months from August to October do not seem to have any auspicious muhurat dates available, it is never a missed opportunity for those who don’t mind being unorthodox. If a non-traditional, non-ritualistic modern wedding sounds like you, you could choose any dates in the calendar to tie the knot. Nothing can stop you! With these months being the relatively off-wedding season, you’ll have all the venue options you can possibly think of along with the best of vendors and services out there.

Marriage dates in November 2021

The Wedding favourite month part 1, November every year witnesses tons of bookings. It is somehow the perfect weather for a romantic destination/home wedding. Along with tons of holy holidays and the option to choose from a wide array of venues and attires, November has always been a favourite month to get hitched and 2021 is going to be no different. With not too many muhurat dates available, we strongly suggest you start booking well in advance, for venues everywhere are going to get filled at lightning speed for this month.

Here is a list of all the auspicious marriage dates in November 2021:

Date Day
15-Nov-2021 Mon
16-Nov-2021 Tue
20-Nov-2021 Sat
21-Nov-2021 Sun
28-Nov-2021 Sun
29-Nov-2021 Mon
30-Nov-2021 Tue

Marriage dates in December 2021

The Wedding favourite month part 2, December 2021 comes with only a handful of dates to grab on to. This month is perfect for outdoor and indoor venues both. Don that heavily embroidered or sequined dream lehenga you’ve always wanted and made a statement. Fix it before you miss it!

Here is a list of all the auspicious marriage dates in December 2021:

Date Day
1-Dec-2021 Wed
2-Dec-2021 Thu
6-Dec-2021 Mon
7-Dec-2021 Tue
11-Dec-2021 Sat
13-Dec-2021 Mon

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