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WED In STYLE — Wedding Themes 101

15+ themes for intimate, micro weddings

True love conquers all — even though the world is facing an unprecedented disaster, a COVID-19 pandemic; our lovebirds have proven nothing can stop them from getting hitched. For those who have decided to brave it all and have an intimate wedding of their dreams, we have curated a list of the most trending wedding themes that you can especially incorporate in your “Micro-wedding”- Yes, you read that right. A micro-wedding is as transparent in meaning as the two words making it up, micro and wedding. It is an intimate wedding with a guest list of 50 or fewer people – in other words, your only option during the lockdown.

But first, what is a wedding theme and why do you need one?

A wedding theme could be described as an idea or sentiment that is showcased throughout your wedding. It could be inspired by anything ranging from your first dance to your favourite movie or just a theme that you think aptly defines your relationship. Why should you need one? Well, having a wedding theme really helps you narrow down the direction of your decorations, venue style, attire, colour palette, cuisine, entertainment and more.

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When choosing a theme, you need to make sure it feels personal, it’s unique and it’s got the wow factor in it. Who said intimate weddings couldn’t be swoon-worthy? With the uninvited guest around for a while, yup – the virus, micro weddings could just become the new norm. Plus, not to forget, it’s easy on your pockets in every way.

So, with all safety precautions in place, a whimsical wedding with perhaps a hand sanitiser station and only the closest of kin, let us dive into the perfect themes for your unusual yet perfect intimate wedding.

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1. Sunflower Alley Wedding Theme


A simple wedding calls for an elegant choice of decorations. Sunflower alley is a good wedding theme, especially for a summer wedding. Choose simple yet bright coloured bunting that complements each other; think red and yellow. Make the ever beautiful Sunflowers your theme, splash these bright flowers throughout the venue, in vases on each table or decorate the walls with hanging pots filled with Sunflowers. Give the whole venue a bright, joyful look, ideal for your joyous big day.

2. Rustic Wedding Theme

If you’re into archaic looks, this theme could just be the one for you. Simple fairy lights, wooden seating arrangements, used tyres, mason jars, and plenty of twines hanging all over the place. Elegant and classic, all in one.

3. Be one with Nature Theme

This one’s one of our absolute favourites because it cares for two – the environment and you! Nothing could represent your pure love more beautifully than mother nature’s bounties in their purest forms. Think twines, and flowers of every kind. Incorporate them into your wedding dress too, feel like the princess/prince that you are. Go eco-friendly with your cutlery, old-fashioned banana leaves for plates and bamboo-based wedding favours. Recycled things used the right way could make up for the most beautiful decor too. So, get your creative side going, for nothing could be more holistic. If the weather allows, choose an outdoor venue during the day to save on energy.

4. Fluorescent Theme for a Change

With this theme one thing’s certain: your wedding album’s going to be a blast of eye-popping colours! Think bright coloured Neon decors, florals and seats. It is an excellent choice for the ones who don’t mind going a little crazy.

5. Beach Vibes Theme

For those of you living near the coastal areas, this time could be perfect for finding a secluded beach as your dream wedding venue. Think warm sand beneath your toes and sharing beautiful vows backed up by the soothing sounds of the waves. Pair your attires with a garland of white flowers, keep the cuisine light and summer-ish. Top it with coconut beverages, because obviously? And you’ll have something to cherish forever.

6. Backyard Wedding


If you happen to own a backyard that could easily accommodate 50 guests or less, a backyard wedding could be the best option for you. Apart from being pocket-friendly, it makes you in-charge of the decor and everything else from tip to toe. Or you could always hire a Wedding planner from Venuelook to ease off the burden. A backyard wedding could include a lot of natural aspects like florals and hanging pots or you could amp it up with a decor and colour combo of your choice. This one’s only limited by your own imagination.

7. Garden Party Theme

If you have a garden to host a spring wedding, great. But, if you can secure a secluded garden location in the city like a private farmhouse or a vacation home, then even better! Think, lush greenery, the fresh fragrance of new flowers, table settings, fairy lights on trees and parasols to sit under. Nothing beats a photoshoot amidst pure nature, with a sun-kissed you.

8. Boho Chic Wedding Theme

Inspired by an unconventional carefree you, Boho chic could be your perfect theme. Pull a traditional style wedding the hippy way. This could be channelled through your look, think flowy dresses, sunglasses and a hat or; decor that is full of life and represents your culture the best.

9. Farm Wedding

Get the best of both worlds by balancing a countryside living with the charms of a royal wedding. It is a great way to nurture family values and cherish a humble beginning. Your farm wedding will all be about natural beauty, easy living and a quiet calm. Perhaps with a swoon-worthy backdrop of mountain ranges, it could just be the wedding of your dreams!

10. Pastel Palette Theme

Sometimes it’s all about a unique colour scheme and pastels definitely go a long way. For a soft tone, go with a pastel palette for your special day. Powder-pink, flat-powder blues and greens can never go wrong. Pastel coloured attires, soft-hued decors and lighting. It’s a classy theme all the way!

11. Stars-Wars Wedding Theme

Yep, that’s right. For all the die-hard fans of this franchise that are lucky enough to stumble upon each other, celebrate the child in you. We are talking lightsabers as decor, dancing away to the Star-wars theme song and funky hairdos. May the force be with you on this one!

12. Bollywood/ Hollywood Themed Wedding

For the movie buffs in you, this theme could be perfect to bring to life the surreal styled weddings you see on TV. The guests dancing to a synchronized Bollywood number, an uncanny drama-filled entrance, dressing up as your favourite actor/actress; this is the day all those movie binges can pay off!

13. Vintage Wedding Theme

Draw inspiration from yesteryears. Choose antique decors, old wooden benches, vintage cars, black and white photo booths. To complement it all, dress up in the fashion style of your favourite era. It should feel like a blast from the past, but for all the right reasons.

14. Inspired from Literature Theme

Celebrate your love for literature through your wedding. Get your guests dressed up as their favourite storybook characters. Draw inspiration from Literature’s renowned lovers Romeo and Juliet and say your vows while you stand on a balcony. Decorate the venue with pages from your favourite novels. Traditional weddings are so cliche now.

15. DIY Wedding



DIY could be an option for the ones that love to be creative and think out of the box. Think, D-I-Y decorations and invites. It could be easy on your pockets by saving you the extra labour costs.

16. A Musical Show Themed Wedding


Who doesn’t love music, right? If you and your partner love grooving to a good tune from any genre, this could be your go-to theme. Incorporate mic stands, for an open-mic session, plenty of instrument motifs all over the place. A splendid playlist of all your favourite songs playing in the background. It’s like living in a dream!

17. Floral Archway Theme


Walk to your beloved through a heavenly archway adorned with beautiful flowers. If you have chosen to go with the traditional wedding colours, this could be perfect to amp up a subtle theme. Hang flower arrangements on trees and chairs to add to the lovely ambiance. Nothing can beat an all floral decor!

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