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Top 12 Wedding Themes

If you are not up for the same-old traditional wedding celebration, choosing a wedding theme is important!

We have tried to compile the top 12 wedding themes to inspire you. Take your pick! And don’t forget to share your ideas to inspire the other readers via the comments at the end of this post…

1. Victorian Wedding Theme

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For Americans and Europeans who’ve a strong fascination for the Victorian era, Victorian weddings are an excellent choice. These weddings are mostly about sophisticated décor and elaborate dressing. Often an outdoor garden gathering in the morning, such weddings are still the most traditional and most romantic of all American weddings. The bride and the bridesmaids can dress up in corseted tops, full skirts, high collars and long sleeves. Alternatively, they can choose a contemporary corseted bodice on a strapless gown with wide-brimmed hats or short veils. The groom and his men can wear frock coats with gloves and leather boots to complete the look.

2. Colour Wedding Theme

You need not stick to the traditional ‘white’ (Christian) or ‘red’ (Hindu) if you’re in a mood to do something different, and colourful. You can easily brighten up a wedding theme by choosing mutually blending colours for tabletop clothes, drapes, floral decorations, picture displays and dresses. Some wedding colour schemes to choose from are Pink+Lavender, Blue+White, Orange+Green, Purple+Blue, Cranberry+Bold Pink, Red+Orange, Orange+Brown, Yellow+Orange, Cream+Green and Black+White+Green.

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3. Beach Wedding Theme

The tangy breeze and clean environment of a beach can almost instantaneously set the mood for a celebration at a beach wedding. You must have enough time during the sunrise or sunset to carry on with all ceremonies and parties. Palm trees, hammocks, sand-castles, drums, sea-shells, shades and flip-flops with tropical beach hats are all such wonderful items to take beach-wedding inspiration from.

4. Hollywood Wedding Theme

Are you or your better half is a big fan of Hollywood? If yes then this is a perfect theme for your wedding. Bright and shiny red lips, elaborate sizzling dressing, a red carpet with sparkling décor and coiffed hair – that’s what a Hollywood wedding is all about! Click! click! click!

5. Fairytale Wedding Theme

Who does not want to be treated like a princess on their wedding day? A fairytale wedding theme can add a whimsical vibe to the celebration. Girls love these stunningly beautiful weddings one hundred percent!

6. 1920s Wedding Theme

You can take all your guests back to the mesmerizing jazz age all over again by choosing a 1920s wedding theme. Make sure you style your menu, décor, dresses and invitation cards accordingly. We are sure that you will rock this wedding theme.

7. Country Wedding Theme

If the bride and groom are cowgirl or cowboy at heart, a country wedding theme is just perfect. To create a unique country appearance, you can use cowboy hats, horse-backs, horse-shoes, barrels of hay etc. Your food menu should also have some unique features such as sweet tea, barbecue, baked beans etc.

8. 1950s Wedding Theme

The 1950s time is marked by cuffed jeans, ponytails, puddle skirts and leather slicked black hair! If you can include these (and some more) elements in your dressing, décor and food, it is quite easy to plan a 1950s wedding! Make sure you do create a 1950s dance floor with some musical hits of that time ready with the DJ.

9. Summer Wedding Theme

If your big day’s date is in summers then enjoy to the fullest with this summer wedding theme. Beautiful and sunny weather is perfect for a wedding celebration and you can complement by choosing a summer wedding theme. Buy yourself a long-flowing sundress with a hat. If the wedding is taking place at a beach, you can even go in sandals or barefoot! Make sure you provide sunglasses or shades to all your guests!

10. Disney Themed Wedding

Disney characters are loved by everyone no matter if you are a child or an adult. We all have our favourite Disney characters. So, all you need to do is pick your favourite Disney character and have your gown patterned specifically according to this one character. The overall wedding décor of the wedding, including venue, cake and favours should also be done according to this character.

11. Gothic Themed Wedding

Compared to other themes, this is something new. An increasingly large number of young brides and grooms go for gothic themes now. To make everything picture-perfect, you need to pay attention to the design and all details. The wedding chapel needs to be transformed into a foggy graveyard with flickering candlelight. Eerie music plays while the hauntingly beautiful bride walks in a dark Victorian gown. The groom can emerge from a coffin-like the Count Dracula and the haunting, dark-magic experience can be further enhanced with theatre-like effects.

12. Spring Wedding Theme

If nature is your preference then this is a perfect wedding theme for your big day. Choose a great outdoor location such as a garden or vineyard for a spring wedding theme! Floral dresses for the bride and bridesmaids look perfect in a spring wedding.

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