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Top 15 Birthday Themes for Girls

One look at your little girl’s face and your heart melts just like butter! It must be remarkably rare when your little princess asked you for something, and you refused. This is because daughters are always closer to heart than the sons. If your lil’ princess is asking for a memorable birthday party, you will have to give free rein to your imagination and creativity to make this day truly spectacular for her. Theme birthday parties are in vogue, and you can choose any theme from among the several options available. Here, we offer Top 15 Birthday Themes for girls hoping that this list will help you to organize a smashing birthday bash.

1. Dora the Explorer Theme

It is next to impossible that parents of a young girl have not heard about the legendary Dora the Explorer! This bilingual girl is virtually adored by young girls. The adventurous streak seen in this girl is something they love. Other characters like Boots and monkey are equally popular. If you go for this theme, you need not worry at all as plenty of decorations and loot bag fillers are available. You can also create your own Dora cake with Dora cake tin. Believe me, your princess and her friends will immensely enjoy this party.

2. Minnie Mouse Theme

The world of Disney has always attracted children. Today, there are so many characters that are looked upon as role models other than Disney, yet kids are still enthralled with adorable Minnie Mouse. Favourite of kids, as well as adults, Minnie Mouse theme is perfect for your cute little one. If you want to use this theme in your birthday party, you can either use your imagination to recreate the Disney World or you can make use of the supplies available in abundance. There are balloons, buntings, banners, cups, plates and saucers. You can gift Minnie Mouse headbands as return gifts.

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3. Disney Princesses Theme

Why not go for a Disney Princess theme for your little princess? Every girl loves to be a princess, even for a day. There are so many options available like Belle, Rapunzel, Snow White, Ariel, Cinderella and many more. You can choose any one of them and create a fairy land as a backdrop for the party. Your daughter can dress as a beautiful princess. Her friends can be asked to dress up as princesses’ friends. This theme offers plenty of royal decoration options.

4. Fairies Theme

This is another theme that will surely bring a smile on your daughter’s face. She can dress up as a fairy princess or a Garden fairy. You can dress her up in a long flowing fairy dress with beautiful wings and a magic wand in her hand. You can give a personal touch to this party by creating a perfect backdrop and fairy-land like decorations. Lovely tiaras, latex balloons, fairy candles and a fairy cake will surely add more fun to this wonderful party.

5. Tinker Bell Theme

Popularly called as Tink, Tinker Bell is a popular fairy character from Peter Pan movie. Since the release of this movie, Tinker Bell has captured the imagination of every young girl. You can get tattoos, body glitter, rings and many more as gifts for your young guests.

6. Luau Theme Party

You can create a scene straight from Hawaii in your own front lawn with this theme. Putting on Hawaiian leis and wearing a grass skirt, your daughter will look like a true Hawaiian. You can arrange for some tropical music for dance.  You can use your creativity to make this theme work. Real pineapples and coconuts can be used as centrepieces. Tape grass skirt around table cloth will give an authentic Luau feel.

7. Hannah Montana Theme Party

Hannah Montana has captured the imagination of young girls like nothing before. Your daughter will love to dress up like this pop diva and create a style statement among her friends. Creating a suitable atmosphere for this theme party will not be a challenge as supplies for the same are easily available.

8. Wildlife Theme Party

Instead of throwing a party at your home, you can take your daughter along with her friends to a zoo or a wildlife park where they can have a fun time with wild animals peeping in from their cages. You can even ask little guests to dress up as their favourite animal. This way, kids will not only enjoy this party but will also learn a lot about the animal kingdom.

9. Cinderella Theme

Cinderella Birthday Party ideas (1)
Every girl loves the story of Cinderella, a beautiful princess. You can dress your daughter in a powdery blue dress with all trimmings. This is a simple yet beautiful birthday theme that will surely make your little one’s friends happy. Loot bags, tiaras and sticker sheets can be given as return gifts. A fairy tale castle birthday cake with the famous magical shoe decorations will go perfectly well with this theme. A little effort and creativity will make this day memorable for your girl.

10. Spa Theme Party

You can also organize a spa theme party for your teenage daughter. This is the age when girls love to look fabulous and pamper themselves. You can ask a beautician to come to your home and arrange for manicures and pedicures for your young, adolescent guests.

11. DJ Night Theme Party

If your daughter is an avid music lover and nurtures a dream to make a career as a DJ, give her a feel of her future life with DJ Night Theme Party. You can create a perfect ambience for this party as you simple need to arrange a high tech music system with music mixing features. Let your daughter enjoy a fun filled musical night with her friends.

12. Barbie Theme Party

If your little angel still loves to play with Barbie, you can throw a Barbie Theme party for her. Believe me, your daughter’s fantasy will come true with this theme where she can dress like her favourite Barbie. Fabulous decorations, pretty clothes, interesting accessories, handbags and style at its peak are what all lil’ girls wish for! 🙂 More: Barbie Theme Birthday Party Ideas

13. Little Mermaid Ariel Theme

Stimulate the imagination of little girls with the Little Mermaid Theme Party. Girls have grown up hearing about the magical tales of the Little Mermaid. You can dress up your little girl as a beautiful mermaid. A stunning tiara will add beauty to her ensemble. A mermaid cake will appeal the taste buds of the little girls.

14. Strawberry Shortcake Theme

Strawberry Shortcake
Adventurous girls would love fascinating Strawberry Shortcake theme party. You can easily find necessary supplies for this theme. Cupcakes with strawberry shakes can be served to the young ladies.

15. Vampire Theme Party

You personally may not like this theme but these days “Twilight Series” has popularised this subject, especially in teenage girls. If your daughter is fond of vampire stories, throw a Vampire Night theme party for her. Her friends and she can dress up as vampires.

All the themes mentioned above are not challenging to organize. It only takes a little creativity on your part to make a theme party successful. After all, a big smile on the face of your daughter is what you always want! 🙂
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