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10 Easy to mix Cocktail Recipes for Parties

Art and magic a bartender, on the other side of the bar, creates and displays, becomes a show stopper in any party. You can also create similar magic with these interesting yet simple cocktail recipes.

1. Lavender Blueberry Punch

Preparation: Take one cup of blueberries, add some water and freeze them in an ice tray. Wait until ready. Use the other cup to make syrup, mix sugar, blueberries and water in equal measurement and bring it to boil until sugar dissolves. Once cool, add lavender and strain the solution to extract the syrup.
Recipe: Mix vodka (2 cups), soda, lime juice (120ml), syrup and iced blueberries together. Serve the drink, garnished with lavender.


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2. Whiskey not Risky

Recipe: Add ¾ cup of honey to ½ cup of boiling water in a bowl and start whisking until you get syrup like consistency. Then add a cup of lime juice and ½ cup of whiskey and mix well. Once chilled, ‘Whiskey, Not Risky’ is ready to be served.


3. Peachy Cuddles

Recipe: Add 2 diced peaches, a cup of peach brandy, chilled 750ml Moscato and 1 litre sparling peach flavoured water in a jar. Stir it well with a wooden spatula. Serve ‘Peachy Cuddles’ in ice-filled glasses, garnished with peach slices.


4. Watermelon Sparkles

Recipe: Add 5cups of frozen watermelon bites, juice of 1 lemon, 4 cups of chilled sparkling water and a bottle of Moscato in a pitcher. Stir the mix thoroughly with a wooden spoon.  Serve ‘Watermelon Sparkles’ in ice-topped glasses, garnished with watermelon cubes and lime slices.


5. Grapefruit Magic Spell

Recipe: Mix 100 ml of vodka and Lillet Blanc with 300ml fresh grape fruit juice in a pitcher. Serve this ‘Grapefruit Magic Spell’ in ice topped glasses with orange slices.


6. Flavour Bombed Cognac

Recipe: Take 200 ml of Cognac and 50 ml Orgeat syrup in a pitcher and mix them well. Serve the ‘Flavour Bombed Cognac’ in iced glasses with a slice of lemon.


7. Rum on the Run

Recipe: Add 100ml rum (any rum of your choice), 50 ml lime juice and a teaspoon of sugar in a jar and mix well until sugar dissolves. Serve this ‘Rum on the Run’ along with ice cubes and a lemon slice.


8. A Sweet Walk down the Lane

Recipe: Mix Campari, sweet vermouth and whiskey in equal quantities and stir really well. Strain the mix in the ice filled glasses with a slice of orange or a cherry. ‘A Sweet Walk down the Lane’ is ready to be served.


9. Peppery Freshness

Recipe: Mix 120ml gin, 500 ml lime juice with a hint of cayenne pepper in a pitcher along with 10 slices of cucumber and 1 sliced lemon. Serve the ‘Peppery Freshness’ immediately in ice filled glasses.


10. Orange and Jalapeno Love Stuck

Preparation: Leave jalapeno pepper in a cup of tequila for 5 hours and then strain it in a container. What you will end up with is jalapeno flavoured tequila.
Recipe:  Mix 120ml jalapeno flavoured tequila, 100 ml orange juice and 30ml lime juice. Serve this ‘Orange and Jalapeno Love Stuck’ with a lot of ice.



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