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Pop Up Your Birthday Party with these Great Mocktail Recipes

Birthday parties are much-anticipated events, whether it is from the birthday girl/boy’s side or the side of the guests. Everyone wants to know what kind of cake will be there, what the snacks are going to be, what the theme will be, what the party favours are going to be like, and of course, what kind of beverages will be served for the party! These should ideally be something that is liked by everyone. When serving alcoholic drinks at a party, there is a good chance that there will be people who don’t like it. And if it is a kiddie party, even one with adults, it would be an absolute no-no. Just plain soda-based beverages are also boring. So what’s the alternative?

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Mocktails to the Rescue!


Planning an Event?

The answer lies in mocktails! Yes, mocktails are one drink that is warmly welcomed by everyone, irrespective of age, gender, and diet. Anyone can have a mocktail, even kids! So the next time you plan a birthday party, have a couple of super easy mocktails ready and watch your guests revel themselves in your drinks and ask for more!
Super easy mocktail recipes for your next birthday party

Green Appletini

All you have to do is blend apple juice with lemon juice and add ice and sugar to taste. This has a fresh summery taste that is hard to beat!

Green appletini

Shirley Mocktail

For this, you would need half cups of Sprite and orange juice each, topped with 2 teaspoons of Grenadine. Mix it all and you’re good to go!

Shirley mocktail

Sangria Mocktail

Everyone loves Sangria, but how about a non-alcoholic version that kids can enjoy too? All you need is a large pitcher in which you add raspberries and blueberries (1 cup each), followed by one apple thinly sliced. Then add one can of soda followed by one can of ginger ale (both should be ice cold). Lastly, add a little apple cider and stir. This will definitely create a stir among your guests but in a refreshing way!


Pine-Orange Mocktail

For this, mix 1 cup pineapple juice with a quarter cup of orange juice, add crushed ice and honey. You get a refreshing Hawaiian vibe with this mocktail!

pine orange

Pina Colada for Kids

Take a blender and put in 2 ripe bananas, 1 cup pineapple juice and 1 cup of pineapple pieces, ½ cup coconut milk and lots of ice cubes (2-3 cups). It’s ready to serve! This is one pina colada that will be vouched for by the adults too!


Choco Mock

Who doesn’t love chocolate? So it’s only fair to include a chocolate mocktail at your party. All you need to do is, in a pitcher, combine two ounces of chocolate + mint ice cream, 1 ounce of coconut milk, 2 ounces of plain milk, 2 teaspoons of chocolate syrup, and a bit of crushed ice. This will be a hit with everyone, for sure!

choco mock

Try out either one, more than one, or all of these recipes for the next birthday party and wow the crowd!

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