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Effortless Recipes to Spice up your Next Office Potluck Party

Office parties without a doubt are a great way to nurture a positive and thoughtful work relationship among employees. Office potluck parties are even better for the simple reason that they allow everyone to contribute and learn more about each other. For those who have never been to a potluck, a potluck simply requires every employee to prepare and present a dish of their own. This gives the staff an opportunity to use food as a medium to express their own idiosyncratic foundations. Moreover, an office potluck is also a great opportunity to increase employee morale because they allow everyone to take a break from the mundane office environment. Here’s a quick look at some effortless snack ideas to add flavour to the next office potluck

Potato Chips & Spinach Dips

Potato chips are easily the most eyed snacks at any dinner party. Easy to make and everyone’s instant favourite, potato chips are an item one cannot easily ignore. When fried in olive oil, sprinkled with the right kind of spices (ie.,paprika, black pepper or oregano) and served with a  creamy spinach dip, it surely will be devoured instantly and remain etched in everyone’s memory.

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Devilled Eggs to Devour

Even though they require some prior preparation,  the good part is that they can be refrigerated and consumed even after 2 to 3 days. You can garnish them in a variety of ways, be it with paprika, oregano, green olives, jalapeno or even just black pepper. You can customize the preparation style as required. Bring it to your potluck and get ready to be hounded for the recipe. 

Meatballs for a Non-Vegetarian’s Delight

No party or meal is complete to a meat lover without the presence of some classic delicacies. Some spicy meatballs coated with breadcrumbs would do just the trick. One can add some pasta to the dish to satisfy the hunger of the colleagues who want a bread like side with their meat. Besides being delicious this treat also has a good ratio of carbohydrates and protein for those concerned about their diets and physiques, making this entree irreplaceable at any potluck.

A Refreshing Fruit Salad

It’s almost always mandatory for someone in the office to just love fruits, Even for the others a healthy serving of a delicious fruit salad is much needed especially after such a heavy meal. A mix of berries, oranges, melons and apples garnished with some garam masala would just do the trick and act as a nutritious dessert. 

Attached below are some links to our favorite recipes for the aforementioned dishes. We hope this helps in creating that lasting impression next potluck. 

#1 –  potato chips and dips – https://lmld.org/spinach-dip/

#2 -devilled eggs – https://shewearsmanyhats.com/perfect-deviled-eggs-recipe/

#3 – meatballs – https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/40399/the-best-meatballs/

#4 – refreshing fruit salad-https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/refreshing-fruit-salad/

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