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10 Amazing DIY Ideas to Make Mehendi Decor Cost-Effective

A Hindu wedding ceremony comprises of various facets such as sangeet, haldi, putting vermilion in the middle parting of the bride’s forehead, bidaai etc. Another of such important facet is the ceremony of ‘mehendi‘ where the hands and feet of the bride-to-be are adorned with some stunning designs made from henna. Apart from the cultural significance associated with this pre-wedding ceremony, it’s also an occasion that witnesses the conglomeration of friends and kith and kin of the bride-to-be, thus leading to intense merrymaking. Take this jollity a notch higher by beautifying your house with some amazing DIY décor ideas. And since all the ideas elaborated in this article are do-it-yourself, it won’t cost you a penny! 🙂

Chalkboard Quotes at Mehendi Venue


This is one of the most economical ways to customize your mehendi décor. Writing various names, messages and quotes on these chalkboards would be great fun. Ask the guests to put their thoughts about the couple on these boards and brace yourself for the surprising comments! Did we mention these would make for some great photos too?! You get the idea…

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Origami as Mehendi Decor


Remember how we used to make paper boats and aeroplanes as a child and set them sail and soar in the sky respectively? That paper craft is known as origami. Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into fancy figures and shapes. Deck up the venue of your mehendi ceremony by making use of this super fun, colorful, and cost-effective techniques known as origami. You can either stick to a single theme, say for instance, peacock, or can make an assortment of designs such as butterflies, birds, or boats. All you would require is glue, thread, some craft paper in different colors and creative imagination. Youtube Origami Videos can come to your aid here!

Recycled Items for Mehendi Decor

recycle decoration

Beautify the venue by recycling all the redundant items such as old bicycles, drums, tyres etc. Just clean them thoroughly, paint the items in variegated colors, and make the location come alive!

Pinwheels for colorful Mehendi Decor

pinwheel decoration

These are a wonderful option for spring weddings. The requisites for making pinwheels are craft papers of various colors, thumb pins, ribbons, glue, and sticks.

Photo Garlands for Mehendi Decor

photos garland

Every pre-wedding ceremony is as special as your D-Day. Hence, to make the same a memorable affair, opt for something quirky and out-of-the-box such as photo garlands. Fix photos of the couple to strings, hang them, and go gaga over the umpteen delightful comments from your guests.

Kites as Mehendi Decor Items

kite decoration

What could be more better than going with the DIY idea of making/using colorful kites? And since mehendi ceremony is all about fun and revelry, nothing can be more ideal than those diamond-shaped kites!

Kalira as Mehendi Decor Items

kalira decoration

Kaliras, gold or silver festooned umbrella-shaped accessory attached to the Chooda or bangles of the bride, can also make for a breathtaking embellishment. Create hangings of kaliras, hooks, and beads, and simply hang them on canopies, trees, or any place of your choice.

Pom Poms at Mehendi Function

pom pom

Pom poms are animated and lively and are pretty much in vogue this wedding season. And you know the best part? To get pom-poms, you don’t even have to spend any money on that! One can create their own pompoms in whatever color they desire. All you would require is a pair of scissors, metal strings, and wool in variegated colors.

Hanging Flower Balls at Mehendi Ceremony Venue

flower ball

Enthrall the invitees with your easy décor plan with the flowers of your choice packed into the form of balls. Hang them around the main areas to emit a fancy look.

Glass Bottles with Paper Flowers for Mehendi Venue Decor


Accentuate your Mehendi décor by making use of hanging glass bottles with paper flowers inserted in them. For evening weddings, use lights inside bottles or around them to light up the décor.

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