How To Make Your Mehndi Ceremony Memorable

Marriage is an important milestone in life for both man and woman. The families of the Indian groom and bride want to make the affair a memorable one and leave no stone unturned for the same. In India, there are several customs before the D-Day. One such ceremony is the Mehndi Ceremony which is an important one, especially for the bride. It is associated with fun, laughter, music and colour. Organising a mehndi function can be a tiring task but for the event managers, the function is easy to conceptualise and execute. The experts can offer some of the most interesting tips to make the event a memorable one. You can hire such an expert team from here.

Find a Suitable Venue

This is the first step and cannot be taken lightly. Some people get the function organised in their homes while some prefer a banquet, hotel or farm at an outdoor location. The booking of the venue should be done in advance so that last minute rush can be avoided.

Allocate Budget for Mehndi Ceremony

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Budget for every function of the wedding is pre-decided. This is an essential element as it helps in proper allocation of the money required to hold every wedding function with complete clarity. Pop-in new ideas to make the event memorable OR hire an expert to take care of the entire event. Fun activities and games can be organised to engage all present hosts and guests in the event. This is an excellent way to ensure bonding between the two families.

Planning an Event?

Hire Artists For Excellent Mehndi Designs

The fun quotient of the function will be amiss without the presence of the mehndi experts as they make the mehndi event meaningful and joyous.

Book Live Entertainment

Live Entertainment
Music and dance are the two pillars of Indian weddings. The same can be organised at Mehndi function to add loads of fun to the event. Arrangement of the equipment for the Mehndi Sangeet can make the event very enjoyable. Folk songs can be sung by the hosts and guests present in the ceremony. The involvement of all guests in the function makes the event highly enjoyable.

Hire DJ and Dance Floor for Mehndi

Having a planned music system with fun accessories and an expert who can play the music is must for the success of Mehndi function. The DJ can make the party happening and involve everyone present there in dancing. The bride and the groom can also present a dance performance which will be like icing on the cake.

Go for a Theme Mehndi Party

The mehndi ceremony can have a theme and accordingly the decor can be planned. The event manager will do the arrangement and the function will have props like eye masks, costumes, etc. to provide an interesting angle to it.

Plan Food and Drinks

Imagining a party without food is impossible. The mehndi function also requires to have a good selection of food items and drinks (mocktails, cocktails, etc.), as per the budget and individual liking of the host.

Get a Photo Booth and Props

These days a corner is beautifully created with a photo booth and props like frames, eyeglasses, wearables, etc. for the photography session. This keeps the guests and the hosts occupied as they take selfies or get clicked by the professional photographers at the function venue.

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