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Bridal Mehendi Designs and Styles

Beautiful Bridal Mehendi Ideas

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day and the days leading up to the wedding and after it. Of course, taking care of oneself, being relaxed, and having gorgeous makeup, clothes, jewellery, accessories, all contribute to looking one’s best on the wedding day. One of the other things that really go a long way in making a bride look out of this world is the bridal mehendi designs. With everyone’s eyes on the bride, it is absolutely essential that the bride’s mehendi designs be one of a kind. After all, if you’re the bride, no one else should be like you on the wedding day, so you have to have the most original and unique designs of all!

What is Mehendi actually?

Bridal Mehendi Designs

Putting mehendi on the hands is an ancient tradition that is followed in India. The leaves of the henna plant are crushed into a paste and applied through a special conical instrument on the hands of women. There are many rituals, traditions, and blessings associated with this, some mostly for fun, such as the belief that the darker the mehendi color becomes, the more loving your mother-in-law will be the more romantic your husband will be, etc! Above all, the mehendi ceremony is an experience of bonding for all the women of the family and one that is enjoyed by all. Another less known reason mehendi is applied is that it has a cooling effect which draws out all the stress and fatigue that a bride-to-be may naturally be feeling in the days running up to the wedding.

What to look for in Mehendi designs?

The best Mehendi designs are those that make the bride look even more beautiful without distracting the viewer from her beauty, which of course should be the focus, not the design per se. At the same time, the designs too should be stunning on their own and not like ones put on anyone else.
Ideas for unique Mehendi designs
1. Have a design of the evergreen couple-Krishna and Radha-on your palms.

Radha and Krishna Mehendi Design

2. Paisley prints are always in vogue and yet never boring. They can be as ornate or intricate as you desire, with the most miniature ones being on the fingertips and the larger ones, like mango patterns on the palms.

Paisely Print Mehendi Design

3. Flora prints will always complement your attire, no matter what it is, and they will definitely match with the wedding décor as well which will inevitably have flowers in it.

Floral Print Mehendi Designs

4. The Raja and Rani print is another version of the romantic couple, with one palm having the Raja motif and the other palm having the Rani motif, so that when both palms are put together, they will be joined together in a cute and sweet way.

Raja and Rani Mehendi designs

5. Peacocks are another most trending and evergreen designs also we can say a very unique and also a symbol of everlasting love.

Peackock Mehendi design

6. Swirls are a never ending source of creativity as they can be drawn in any number of designs.

Swirls Mehendi Design

7. Colored mehendi designs are the latest trends to give a pop of vibrancy to your palms and feet.
No matter which mehendi design you choose, you can be sure you will stand out with one of these!

Coloured Mehendi Design

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