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Host the most wonderful baby shower to celebrate the joyous occasion!

Baby showers mark the happiest moment in a mother’s life as it is generally hosted towards the end of the pregnancy and almost in time to welcome the new born baby. This is one of the biggest milestones that a woman achieves and therefore, wishes to celebrate in a memorable possible. The joy of a new born does not compare to any other joy in the world, especially for the parents, and they want to celebrate such an occasion with their loved ones.


There are many things that make up a baby shower. Some baby showers are theme-based while others are kept simple and classy.
Baby shower is a joyous occasion and calls for celebrating with a party with loved ones, decor, music, food, games and all the works. You should plan a baby shower with your friends and family and make it theme-based in order to have more fun. The themes can be related to new born babies, colors, food, characters, and many such things. A successful baby shower is one where everyone feels involved and gets to wish the mother-to-be in the best way possible. People love to be a part of celebrations and will take this opportunity to show how special the mother-to-be is to them.
Here are a few ideas that you can incorporate in your baby shower to make it more interesting:

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• Make a name suggestion board

baby shower name board for suggestion
This is one of the most fun things at a baby shower where every guest gets to suggest and write a name for to new born. The parents can then decide if they like a particular name and use it for their child.

• Have baby shaped balloons

baby shower balloons
Balloons in the shape of a baby or a milk bottle add a sense of essence to the shower and make people feel like they are attending a baby shower.

• Keep a theme

baby shower theme decoration
Keeping a theme for your baby shower would make the occasion more interesting and you can ask people to dress up according to the theme. The decor, food, music, and many more things can revolve around the theme.

• Plan games related to babies

baby shower games
You can plan games which are related to new born babies and have adults act like babies and play them. This would lighten the atmosphere and make everyone re-live their childhood days.

• Get baby shaped cupcakes

baby shower cupcakes in baby shapes
You can get cupcakes with a baby shaped fondant icing on them in order to give out to your guests at the shower.

• Decorate the place using props

prps for baby shower decoration
You can use props such as diapers, milk bottles, candies, toys, and many more things in order to make the place feel like it is going to be blessed with a new born baby.

• Incorporate cute photos of babies

baby shower decoration with photos
You can hang pictures of cute babies all over the lace as it would give a nice touch to the decor of your baby shower.

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  1. My nephews’s baby shower is fast approaching, and that is why I’ve decided to start looking for infant products for him. Well, I also agree with you that it would be best if my sister will pick a theme. Thank you for suggesting here as well the importance of having all sorts of decors.

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