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Cocktail Party Hosting Tips, Food and Drinks Menu Ideas

Planning to host a cocktail party for your friends whom you have not touched base with for years. Cocktail parties are the best way to socialize. Conversations keep flowing just like drinks with people mixing up with each other well. Whether it is about catching up with old friends, entertaining business associates or more, it is perfect for personal and business purposes.

Let the communication flow

Cocktail parties work well in the later evening hours and last for about two or more hours. A variety of drinks are served along with simple snacks and finger foods. It allows chatting to go on without any interruption. Having decided to organize a cocktail party, you need to keep a few points in mind to make it a successful and memorable event.

Planning an Event?

Take a few appropriate decisions

Depending on your decision, you can make the party a simple affair or a complicated one. Before planning the party, you need to decide on a few things.
· Number of guests invited to the party
· Is it going to be a formal event or a casual one with friends?
· Are you going to keep a limited cocktail menu or going for an open bar?
· Are you planning an indoor or an outdoor party?
· What type of food or snacks you are planning to serve?
· Are you going to have a specific theme for the party?
· What is your budget?

Once you find answers to these questions, it will be easier for you to plan the party and take some quick decisions. In cocktail parties, light snacks and finger foods go pretty well instead of serving a full course meal. This way, guests can just keep meeting and greeting people while picking up finger foods conveniently and carrying a glass of drink in the hand.

Some popular food choices are cheese and crackers, kebabs, sandwiches and a lot more. These food items are simple and perfect for every palate. You can either prepare simple food items at home or hire a caterer to do it.

Check on your drinks

Now is the time to plan the drinks that you are going to serve to your guests. If you wish to give a lot of options to your guests, you must decide to go for a full bar which must have some essential spirits. You can also keep a limited menu and set the drinks for guests to check and peruse. In either of the options, you may have to buy a few essential drinks that allow you to whip up some nice cocktails and mixes that keep your guests happy.

If you are having a lot of guests, it is recommended to hire good help who can organize the party for you so that you are free to socialize with your guests. If you plan to do everything yourself, you should be ready to run around a lot. You can seek help from friends and family members to pitch in and make things a little smoother for you.

Once all the details are taken care of, you are ready to play the perfect hostess.


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