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What are some good family party games?

Families coming together during summer or winter vacations or to mark a special occasion in itself is a time to celebrate. Reminiscing childhood memories, sharing fun moments, listening to age-old tales by our elders, cooking and eating together are just a few ways to enjoy precious family moments. One more way to enjoy family time is by playing some interesting and exciting games that bring the child in us to the fore. This results in stronger bonding between family members. Here, we bring you a few fun games that are sure to help you enjoy some light moments with each other at your game night.


Even if you cannot draw, you can play this game with your cousins. You can be sure of enjoying and sharing a lot of laughs and giggles when your cousin is unable to decipher what you are drawing.


Planning an Event?

It is one of the funniest and most exciting games that is being played for ages. Just split into teams and start acting out a movie, TV Show, book, etc., and see who can guess the answer first.


This is a highly versatile game and can be played in a variety of ways. It is one of the cheap games that doesn’t require a lot of investment while at the same time offering a lot of moments to be enjoyed with family while playing it.


Uno is a very simple number and color matching. In the pack of Uno, there is a deck of 108 cards. It is also known to be a classic card game that can be started easily but once you start playing you will not want to keep it back.

Musical Chair

Musical chairs is a game that teaches everyone to deal with disappointments that occur in life, peacefully resolve arguments, and to practice patience. It is played in a way that chairs are kept in a row or in a circle, the count of chairs should be one less than the number of players. While a player has to stand near the music system keeping their eyes closed, and have to play the music while other players have to revolve around the chairs, as the music stops everyone has to be seated and the one who does not get the chair will be eliminated.


Jenga blocks is a game which can help improving ones physical and mental skill. People of all ages can simply enjoy playing Jenga as it also keeps everyone engaged. In this game, players take turns to remove the Jenga blocks from a tower and have to balance it on the top of it, creating a taller and increasingly unstable structure as the game progresses.

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