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10 Latest Games to Play at Your Next Kitty Party

A Kitty party is a true stressbuster for ladies. Kitty parties are like social gatherings where ladies can talk on social topics or just let their down. You don’t need to be a big socialite to attend or host one. They are usually organized once or twice a month either at a member’s house or at some club/cafe/restaurant. Kitty parties are synonymous with dressing up, gossips, games and lots of laughter.

Every party host wishes to throw a super exciting, fun kitty party, so here are some entertaining games to choose from for your upcoming kitty party.

Handbag Diva Game for Kitty Party

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One does not need any specific things to be a part of this game just a handbag would be enough as handbags itself contains a lot of stuff. Now the players need to make a proper list of everything that is there in one’s handbag like credit cards, perfumes, handkerchief, lipstick, etc. So, whoever has the maximum number of items in their handbag wins this game.

Icy Cool Game for Kitty Party

This game is really interesting. Fill a small tub with some water and then pour a few drops of colored ink or food color. Add some ice cubes to make the water icy cold. Put 15-20 pairs of 5-6 different things like rubber bands, balloons, artificial rings, bangles, toothbrushes, small marbles, cloth clips, etc. in the tub. Now, players are supposed to take out as many items as they can from the tub. The maximum time limit should be 1 minute. Whoever takes out the maximum number of sets (2 items of the same kind are counted as a set) in 1 minute’s time will be the winner.

Pyramid Game for Kitty Party

Pyramids! I guess everyone knows what are those because our next game is based on pyramids. In this game, you will require approximately 40-50 plastic glasses. Players are supposed to stack the glasses over one another to create a pyramid within the time limit of 2 minutes. The winner will be decided by counting the number of glasses they have stacked to make the pyramid. The one who has stacked the maximum number wins the game.

Colored Balls Game for Kitty Party

Everyone loves playing with colored balls and hence our next game requires plastic balls of 3 different colors (20 no. of each color), 3 empty containers and 1 spoon. Fill all the balls in 1st container. Now each player will pick one ball with the help of a spoon from the 1st container and shift the ball to the 2nd container and from the 2nd to the 3rd one. The time limit for this game is one minute. Player with the maximum no. of balls in the last container will be the winner. Hope you enjoy playing it…!!

Memory Game for Kitty Party

Wanna check other’s memory? Then this game is perfect! πŸ˜‰

Prepare a tray with 20 small items like soap, key chain, pen, chocolate, toy, apple, etc. and keep that covered under a cloth. Now, distribute a chit of paper with a pen to all players and uncover the tray for exactly 30 seconds so the players can see the items carefully and then cover it back again. The players have to write down on the piece of paper the names of the items that they can recollect. The player who writes the maximum number of correct items’ names shall be the winner.

Shave The Balloon Game for Kitty Party

Now its time to divide your guests into pairs. One person from each team needs to hold the balloon by the knot while the other person will lather the balloon with shaving cream. Now the other partner will hold the balloon and the other needs to remove all the shaving cream with a disposable razor. The first pair who completes the game without popping their balloon wins!

Blow The Balls Game for Kitty Party

In this game, one needs to first put some thermocol balls in a container. Now each player has to suck and hold the thermocol balls using a straw and then transfer it to another container. While a player is shifting the balls from one container to another, if the ball falls down it will not be counted. The time limit is one minute. The player who transfers the maximum number of thermocol balls to the empty container wins!!

Paint Your Nails Game for Kitty Party

We all know how to play with dice so here is another dice game for you. In this game, all you need to do is sit in a circle, place a nail polish in the center of the circle. Now anyone can start the game by rolling the dice, all the players should roll the dice one by one till someone gets a six. The one who rolls a six has to apply nail polish on one of her nails. Continue the rolling of the dice. The player who will complete applying nail polish on all 10/20 nails (whatever number you want to go ahead with) first shall be announced as a winner.

Tie The Knot Game for Kitty Party

In this game, one needs to take a rope and start tying knots in that. Remember that all the players should have an equal length of rope. The time limit should be one minute. Whoever ties the maximum number of knots shall be announced as the winner of this game.

Make Them Fly Game for Kitty Party

In this game, every player will be handed a balloon and they have to race against each other towards the finish line. While running, the players cannot touch the balloon with their hands. All the players have to keep their pushing their balloons in the air, again and again, using their head or any other body part (other than hand), saving it from touching the ground. Whoever reaches the finish line first will be declared as a winner.

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