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10 One-Minute Indian Kitty Party Games

The trend of kitty parties is not new. The only change is that it has become bigger and better with women engaging in a variety of interesting and exciting games. Kitty parties are also one of the best ways to get together and spend some fun time playing games or socialize. If you are organizing a happening kitty party, think of some new and unique games that keep everyone engaged. Here, we bring you some of the most interesting one-minute games that are sure to be appreciated and enjoyed by your guests.

1. Coin Collection

1-minute Kitty Party Game

It is a very interesting game where some advance preparations are required. Keep an ice tray filled with water ready and put coins in between. The game can be made more interesting by using coins in different denominations. Participants need to rub the ice with their hands to rub it off and collect coins. The person who collects maximum coins by rubbing the ice in one minute is the winner.

2. Pass On The Rubber Band

1-minute Kitty Party Game

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This is another 1-minute game option where you just need two sticks, a few rubber bands, a bowl, and a stopwatch to play. Two people can play this game. As part of the game, two sticks and rubber bands are taken and then a bowl is placed on the table with sticks and rubber bands. The participants have to pick up rubber bands using the sticks held in their mouths. The couple that picks up maximum rubber bands win.

3. Coins On Clock

1-minute Kitty Party Game

In this game, coins in different denominations, a stopwatch, and a wall clock are required. It can be played by all participants together. Place the wall clock horizontally along with coins nearby. The coins have to be placed on the clock as per denominations. The person who reaches number 12 first is the winner.

4. Balance Coins On Pencil

1-minute Kitty Party Game

In this game, the participants are asked to balance a coin on a pencil while holding it in one hand. The person who can balance it for the maximum time is the winner.

5. Pass Bubbles From Hula Ring

1-minute Kitty Party Game

In this exciting and fun game, a hula ring is required along with a stopwatch and a soap bubble maker. Hold the hula ring vertically and pass soap bubbles through it from approximately 10-15 feet away. The person who successfully passes most bubbles through the hula ring is the winner.

6. T-shirt Game

1-minute Kitty Party Game

Get 9-12 t-shirts, a stopwatch, and a big inflated balloon. Players have to ensure the balloon stays in the air by tapping it continuously while wearing as many t-shirts as possible. 

7. Keep Feathers In The Air

1-minute Kitty Party Game

It is an entertaining activity where the participants have to blow feathers in the air and keep them in the air for as long as possible. 

8. Count Coloured Words

1-minute Kitty Party Game

In this activity, the participants are asked to read out the color rather than the text is written on a color printout of names. 

9. Straws In The Hair

1-minute Kitty Party Game

In this exciting activity, the participants are asked to insert straws in their hair in just a minute. The person who inserts maximum straws at this time is the winner.

10. Separate The Gems

1-minute Kitty Party Game

It is a very interesting activity wherein participants are given a bowl of gems and are asked to collect individual colours. The person who collects the maximum number of gems in one minute is the winner.

These games are interesting, engaging, and keep the fun element in kitty parties high.

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