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This Wedding Season Make Maang Tikkas A Part of Your Style Statement

On your wedding day, as the bride, you will be the cynosure of all eyes. Everyone is going to be looking at your jewelry and how you’ve styled yourself. While the clothes, jewelry, mehendi, footwear, hairdo, etc., are the things that a bride will always be concerned about and pay attention to, what about the maang tikka?

Maang Tikka as a Style Statement

Maang Tikka Style statement

Did you know that the maang tikka can also be transformed into a style statement? Just a cursory glance at brides in recent Bollywood movies will be enough to convince you that when you can rock your maang tikka in style, why fall back on the boring, predictable ones!

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How to Choose Your Maang Tikka Style

There are a lot of ways in which you can rock your look just by changing the style of your maang tikka. Maang Tikkas are available in many distinctive styles, from traditional to modern, classical to contemporary. Whatever you choose, make sure that they are in trend and most importantly, match well with your facial features and the style of your bridal wear.

Distinctive Styles of Maang Tikkas

Here are some different maang tikka styles for the bride to choose from:

    • Multi-layered maang tikka: Usually one-tiered, these multilayered maang tikkas will light up your face and your attire. They can be in kundan type jewelry or plain gold or studded with diamonds and other gems. The choice is up to you.

Multi-layered maang tikka

    • The half maang tikka: This is the Nawabi style of maang tikka that has been seen on several a celebrity walking down the ramp. This is definitely classy and will have you feeling like a royal too!

The half maang tikka

    • Jhoomars or paasas: These look great swaying by the side and will make your groom go weak in the knees!

Jhoomars or paasas

    • Pearl strings: Attaching pearl strings to your maang tikka will give you a royal touch and an elegant vibe that is unlike any other. You can get really versatile with this, using just one string of pearls or anywhere up to 10, depending on your mood and taste.

Pearl strings

    • Oversized maang tikkas: These look awesome if you have a broad forehead and can be a real head turner. Make sure you avoid these if your forehead or face is small.
Oversized maang tikkas
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    • Temple jewelry maang tikkas: These are of South Indian style and come embedded with green and red stones, making them look good on most of the color palettes that are used for Indian weddings.

Temple jewelry maang tikkas

    • Pendant style: These are simple and elegant and hang a bit lower than the usual level of maang tikka. They are perfect for brides who like to be traditional and simple.

Pendant style maang tikkas

    • Borla: Resembling the bor or jujube fruit, much loved in Haryana and Rajasthan, and recently seen in Bollywood movies, these are made with pearls, crystals, and gems.


With so many different choices available today for maang tikkas, choosing what you like may take a long time! The effect would be worth all the effort, so take your time lady! 🙂

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