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Latest Winter Mehndi Designs For Brides-to-Be!

So, your wedding date is fixed, and you are going to be a blushing winter bride. Winter season is considered as the best season to get married. The weather is cool, and the ambiance is just right for two soulmates to come together. Everything is nice about this season except one thing, that is mehndi. 

Applying mehndi or henna on the bride’s palms, arms and feet is an age-old tradition that every bride-to-be look forward to. She loves everything about it, whether the rich rust color that adorns her hands or the lovely fragrance that appeals to her senses. Since mehndi has a cooling effect making it slightly challenging for the winter bride who is looking to get heavy, intricate henna applied on her hands. Here, we bring you some lovely and interesting mehndi designs that are perfect for winter brides.

Jaimal Design

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This design looks lovely and is quite trendy mehndi design. In this design, the henna artist recreates a lovely Jaimala scene on the palms of the bride and surrounds it by floral motifs up to her elbows. Usually, lotuses and roses are used as motifs but other things like Kalash, shehnai, or birds like a peacock are also drawn.

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Lace Design

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It is another henna design that is quite in vogue. As the name suggests, intricate jail or lace design is made on both hands. Lace armlets or bracelets are made that look lovely and attractive. 

Hearts and Bells Design

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With the change in times, henna designs have also evolved. Though many brides prefer traditional, intricate mehndi gracing their lovely, manicured palms, some are open to trying new, modern designs where hearts, teacups, etc., are created along with traditional motifs like mandalas, leaves, and jail work. 

Birds Design

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Drawing birds like doves, peacocks, etc., on beautiful bride’s hands, is an age-old design which is still quite popular. Birds are synonymous with the beginning of a new life and freedom. 

Lovely Henna-Adorned Fingertips Design

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There was a time when brides preferred covering their fingertips completely with henna to achieve a rich color. Today, they are open to modern designs like beautiful roses, leaves, jaali designs, asymmetrically filled-in tips, and more.

Taj Mahal Design

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Brides who wish to immortalize their love can get the Taj Mahal drawn on their palms. A beautifully created Taj Mahal along with its scenic vistas is sure to look great on her palms and will show her love for her beau. 

Doli Scene Design

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Brides love to get doli scenes created on their hands. It is symbolic of leaving past life behind and looking forward to a new beginning full of love and trust for her soulmate. Similarly, sindoor and baraat scenes are also created that have very auspicious connotations. Such lovely mehndi designs are great for memories and pictures.

Mandala Design

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The mandala design is quite popular among modern brides. Its intricate motifs look lovely on her hands and make her look truly resplendent. 

Choose any of the mehndi designs from the above-mentioned options and come across a traditional or trendy bride. Pick a design that helps you make a style statement and seems to be an extension of your personality.

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