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Why Imitation Bridal Jewelry is Best? How to choose Real or Artificial Bridal Jewelry

Women love diamonds – this is a fact for sure. Women also love gold, silver, platinum and all such accessories that are made from noble metals or pearls. Conventionally girls would wear jewelry pieces made from such precious materials but in modern times most young would-be brides go in for artificial jewelry to adorn themselves on the big night. With many well-known designers today having launched their own imitation jewelry line, there is no dearth of unique pieces and ideas here.

Affordable: Artificial jewelry is affordable compared to gold and diamond sets. Heavy jewelry items in gold and diamonds are still beyond the means of the common man. Alternatively, brides can wear heavy imitation jewelry and because these jewelry pieces are designed exquisitely using good quality and durable materials, these pieces resemble and sometimes even look better than the real pieces.

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Imitation Jewelry is Easily Available: Artificial jewelry is available in a wide range of designs and styles – which means that there is a choice for each and every bride. They can be made-to-order or they can be bought off the shelf. In fact, the affordability factor makes it easy to buy different sets of imitation jewelry for different events to go with chosen outfits. They are easy on your pocket and make you look stunning and beautiful, at every event.

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Safe To Keep At Home:  Last but not least, theft is a common reason why many would-be brides and their families these days prefer that the bride wears imitation jewelry on her D-day. Fine jewelry is way too expensive which makes them an easy target of modern-day thieves. With artificial and fashion jewelry there are no such issues. Even if they are stolen you can always heave a sigh of relief that you are bereft of inexpensive jewelry items. Also, when you wear the real metallic jewels, you are always conscious about them getting lost or being misplaced. With imitation jewelry, you can relax and go with the flow of the event on your marriage day. 

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Choosing the right jewelry for your wedding day

right jewelry for your wedding day
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  • Since wedding jewelry is heavy, it usually does not get worn quite often. Buying detachable jewelry – real or artificial is advisable.
  • The earrings should be in sync with the hairstyle while the necklace should be completely synchronized with the neckline of your dress. When buying the Maang Tika, it is important to understand the size of one’s forehead and accordingly choose an appropriate size. Also, when choosing the nose ring it is important to choose according to the shape and size of the face.
  • Wedding days are special and you would want to look your best. The jewelry should be such that it highlights the dress and vice versa. Pay attention to the design, the colors being used and the style to choose the perfect one for your special day. 
  • To make you look stylish and trendy, try to match the anklets with the toe rings. Fashion jewelry presents a multitude of choice giving brides the luxury to match their wedding dress with the anklets and the toe-rings.

Overall ensure that the jewelry complements your bridal dress, enhancing your look and confidence on the big day!

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