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20 Inspiring Ideas for Lighting Decoration at Home

Revamping the interiors of one’s dwelling does not demand too much money. To develop interest and to uplift the ambience of your abode, incorporating a couple of home decor products is enough. One such home decor idea is lighting it up. Lights create magic when turned on! They possess this potential to turn an otherwise gloomy and dull room into a vibrant and lively one. In this article, we have brought for you 20 inspiring ideas to make use of lights to decorate your home. Take a look!

1. Fairy Light Jars

lighting decoration

Stock three to four mason jars with several string lights, and bunch them together on an entryway table or on a mantel.

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2. Twine Together Through a Plant

lighting decorations

By making use of battery-operated string lights, jazz up any corner of your abode by entwining them through plants!

3. White Lights and Winter Sparkle Mirror Garlands

lightings decorations

Winters are ideal to prolong your sleep a bit more, pulling that soft quilt over you. However, with the weather being foggy and cloudy outside, the mood inside your home can also get depressing and dreary. So is there any way out to transform the interior vibes? Of course there is! Combine mirror garland and threads of lights on a big hanging rod for swinging ornamentation that gleams ceaselessly.

4. Hang Around a Mirror

lighting decorations

Decorating the mirror or wall of your room with string lights not only boosts its atmosphere, but adds extra sheen for you to get ready as well

5. Hang Loosely Over a Bed

lightings decoration

The fact that string lights make a bedroom come alive, tranquil, and cozy is undeniable.

6. Snow Globe Terrariums

lightings decoration

To succeed in creating these appealing DIY winter-themed terrariums, you need to devote only 10 minutes of your time. Fill in two to three apothecarry jars with bottlebrush trees, artificial snow, vintage statuettes, and LED lights.

7. Design a Motivational Word

lighting decoration

Hanging a motivational word or quote in your bedroom or living room can be spiritually elevating.

8. Fairy Light Wall

lighting decoration

Thinking of adorning that white wall in your bedroom for a while now, but unable to figure out how? Do it with fairy tale lights of course, what else!

9. Twine Spheres

lighting decorations

You need not invest in twine balls available in craft stores. With Mod Podge, balloons, and twine, these balls can be made on your own. Post their completion, place thin threads of lights inside, and gift yourself an enchanting holiday knick-knack.

10. Copper Lighted Wreaths

lighting decorations

Curve some copper wires in spheres and enfold them with matching copper strand firefly lights. For a gleaming dissimilar display, differ the sizes of the spheres.

11. Framed Card Display


Instead of showcasing the cards on a mantel, suspend string lights in a vacant photo frame, and using clothespins, attach your cards to it.

12. Cup Light Garland

lighting decoration

Attach multi-colored cups to a strand of string light and generate a warm glow!

13. Lights in a Vase

lighting decorations

Multiple colors dancing in a frosted vase give off a vibrancy perfect for any room in your house. A string of multi-colored lights fills this vase, running off the battery pack to the side. Place it in a dark corner and let the lights fill up the night. It’s definitely better than a lava lamp and even better in front of a mirror.

14. Stars Garland Mantel

lightings decoration

To fabricate your own village, make use of reclaimed wood. From colorful wrapping papers, cut out stars, and then attach them with fairy lights.

15. Lighted Chandelier

lighting decorations

To get an irradiating holiday decoration, encase your dining room chandelier with copious lights.

16. Shimmering Landscape

lightings decoration

A glittering landscape will bring forth a celestial and serene piece of art.

17. Lighted Burlap Garland

lighting decorations

Festoon your garland by putting in vibrant and rich burlap ribbons to thin threads of white lights.

18. Christmas Fairy Lights

lighting decorations

Set up lights before a mirror to generate impression of an even more vibrant display.

19. Hallway Twinkle Lights

lighting decorations

Within 15 minutes, make your living room breathtakingly magical by putting into use umpteen strings of lights.

20. Tomato Cage Christmas Trees

lighting decorations

From your garden outhouse, pull tomato cages and envelop the wires with LED lights. You cannot ask for an easier lighting decoration than this.

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