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Diwali Cards Party Ideas for this Season. Spread the Aura of Happiness!

With Diwali just around the corner, it’s party time again. You might be splitting your hair thinking what new you can do for this year’s special Diwali party. You must be wondering how you need to play the perfect party host for your loved ones… As usual, we’ve got your back! What’s a Diwali party without a game or two of poker or flash?! Card playing is a common prevailing trend in pre-Diwali days. Every passing year, Card Parties tend to get a little more interesting than the previous year ones. Groovy music with old remixes and popular songs are a welcome addition; they make the evening even more salubrious. With contemporary parties happening all over the town, here are some ways to gleam and plan your own Diwali party.

1. Check how much do you want to Spend


Diwali Party can easily consume a great deal of money as it is very easy to get carried away while hosting a Diwali Cards Party. So, it is important to come up with a budget and stick to it.
Break down each element of the party (e.g. venue, decorations theme, invitations, food, drinks, entertainment, and gifts) and decide how much should be spent in each area.

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2. Send Out Invitations

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Since we all are always connected via the internet and phone, the Diwali cards party invitation need not be a formal invitation. Just Whatsapp your friends the e-invitation. Remember to mention the format of the play in your invite so that the guests come well-prepared. You can create your own free e-invitation for Diwali parties at VenueLook.

3. Flash Up the Decor


Go for Playing Cards themed decor to make your party more enchanting. You can make your own baubles by putting up life-sized playing cards or using decks of cards. Use a stack of cards and make streamers by attaching each card on ribbons or old dupattas to create a beautiful backdrop. You can even make chaplets with cards and hang them around. Don’t forget to mention the theme & the dress code in your party invitation. This will make the party more fun and lively.

4. Bring Important Elements Together


Set up tables, with poker chips and decks of cards on each table. If you are having a conventional card party, you can also engage dealers or assign certain guests at each table to collocate and distribute cards and keep a score. Make sure you have proper service staff to serve food and drinks to all guests. Play some good music in the background. Keep everything nice & simple so that you can enjoy yourself too..

5. Plan the Games Format


There is a multitude of choices when it comes to card games. Depending on the planned duration of the party, you can whittle down to about two or three different kinds of games, based on your guests and the ones that one and all know, or can learn quickly. Make your Cards Party a hit by playing these unconventional variations of it!
Muflis: While in the original Teen Patti game, the highest card owner wins, if you follow the Muflis version, it’s the opposite. Here, a person with the lowest cards, and not the highest, walks away with the ‘moolah’.
AK47: In this variation, the ace, king, 4 and 7 become the Jokers. If a player has any of these cards, they can be used as a substitute for a missing color or number to make a competitive sequence.
Matha: In Matha, each player gets just one card. Without seeing the card, you have to put it on top of your forehead (‘matha’), in such a way, that all other players can see your card. Then you look at everyone’s cards and take a guess if your card is lower or higher. The unpredictability of this game makes it a thoroughly enjoyable affair!
1942 A Love Story: As in the name of the game, here 1, 9, 4, 2 are all Jokers. The catch — you can’t speak in English during this game! You have to do all your dealings in Hindi, else you’ll be out!
Discard one: Four cards, instead of the usual number of three, are dealt with in this variation. You have to keep in mind that you have to retain the best three in your hand to play. As the name suggests, you have to discard one.
Lallan Kallan: In your pack of three cards, the odd color out will be the joker. For example, if you have two red cards and one black card, the ‘Kallan’ (black card) will be considered the Joker. If by chance, all your cards are of the same color, you are out of the game.


6. Have the Rule-Book Handy


Print off the rules for each game you will play, and keep them on each table. Having these handy will keep competitors from having to ask questions. These rules can be easily downloaded from the internet.

7. Fun-filled Smoke Space


There’s something serene and peaceful about smoking up Herbal Hookah when you’re up all night, with your favorite company. So, if your gang loves ‘hookah’, then you should definitely arrange herbal hookahs to add up to the ambiance.

8. Have a Scrumptious Food and Drinks Menu


Food is undoubtedly the most important aspect of any party. Keep mouth-watering finger snacks that don’t disturb the flow of the game and can be gorged upon using toothpicks and forks. Choose your drinks in accordance with the kind of crowd you invite. You can keep some common beverages like soft drinks, juices, soda and some alcoholic ones for both genders – choose from mocktails, cocktails, breezers, red and white wine, vodka and whiskey. Make sure you have a good selection of drinks available to satiate all your guests.

9. Fireworks


No, we are not referring to those loud, noisy, pollution-causing crackers. Instead, light up this Diwali with some phooljhadis, fountains, and chakras, which will be evocative of your childhood. A beautiful display of fireworks will certainly bring a spark to your gathering.

If your guests appreciate the food you served; and the fun they had long after the party is over, it means that your party was a hit. Put a li’l extra efforts in planning the invitation, decorations, and food menu, and voila you are set for a great Diwali Cards Party!

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