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How to Throw a Casino Party

A casino is meant for gambling. It is a place where people play gambling games for money. However, a casino party is something you can arrange to raise funds, celebrate any special occasion in your family or social circles or for any other reason you could think about for people to come together and have some good time. Whether it is a birthday or a family get-together; a themed casino party will be a fun event for people to attend. It breaks the traditional ways and norms and offers a fresh and innovative way of celebration.

Planning for a Casino Party

Like any other party, it is important to plan things well in advance. Proper planning will save you any undue expenses and make the event go smoothly. The following are a few points to consider.

Planning an Event?

  • Knowledge is power. Make sure that you know beforehand the number of guests you should expect for the party. This is important to make many decisions regarding the party such as whether to throw the party at home or find a more specious hall to accommodate the guests.
  • Make a list of the guests to invite and make a personal call to each one individually to invite them and find out whether they are going to attend the party. Personally calling them also makes them feel welcome.
  • Alternatively, you can send casino-style invitations using online event management services. You can also send theme-based printed invitations with date, timings, place, and other important information about the party.
  • If you will need to rent a larger space, make sure that you make the arrangements in time to avoid disappointment or any last moment changes.
  • Contact companies that provide gambling equipment for rent. You can rent casino tables, chairs, etc. from them. You can also hire professional dealers who will handle the games.

Decorations for the Casino Party

Deciding on the party decorations is the next logical step. A casino party must have a look that resembles the modern-day casino setting.

  • Choose a specific theme for the party. There are many themes for a casino party to select from and your choice depends entirely on your personal taste and preferences.
  • The decorations will depend on the theme you choose. Make sure that every item compliments others and creates a feeling of a real-life casino. You can either buy ready-made decorations or make them yourself with a little bit of effort and creativity.
  • Decorate the walls, ceilings, doors, and windows with tapes, coin streamers, fake money banners, large cut-outs of playing cards, etc. to add the casino touch.
  • Placing a gambling or playing cards centerpiece will accentuate the casino-like look of the party.
  • Set up different stations for different games like dice, cards, wheel-games, etc.
  • Arrange finger-foods, snacks, and cookies resembling card suites or casino chips on a buffet table. Use plates, napkins, table-cloths, etc. with designs of card-suit like heart, diamond, club, spade, etc.
  • Setting up a nice bar with beer, wine, and other spirits. Keeping a bartender to serve and entertain the guest will add to the chilled-out ambiance. Arrange some soft-drinks, juices, etc. for guests who don’t consume alcohol.
  • Playing appropriate music will help everyone get into the right mood. You may play it on CDs or hire a professional musical band.

Dressing for the Casino Party

What you will wear for a casino party depends on the theme as well as current popular fashion trends. The following are a few dressing ideas.

  • For women, wearing a sexy outfit such as gowns and short dresses with bold and bright colors like red, pink, violet, black, etc. will make them the center of attraction. Apply an equally sensual make-up with heavy eye-shades and bright and shiny red lipsticks.
  • Wearing diamond or pearl necklaces or earrings for a more sophisticated look while earrings with shapes of dice or an attention-grabbing charmed bracelet on the wrists will add the fun element to the dressing.
  • Wearing bold and colorful outfits like printed gambling shirts with tight jeans or striped suits will make men look fit for the occasion. Accessories like a matching cowboy or derby hat will accentuate your casino-character. Accessories like a gold-chained pocket watch or a bright red rose will make the outfit complete for the party.

Games for the Casino Party

A Casino party is about gambling and card games. Although people play for money in a real casino, a family casino party is for fun and you can offer play-money and prizes instead of real money to the winners. The following are some ways of having a great time while playing games.

  • First, decide which games you will be playing at the party. There are a number of games to choose from such as dice, card games, blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, etc. Select those games that everyone can participate in. You should also make sure that you have the proper equipment in place for them.
  • Preparing for enough play-money for all the invited guests is important. Make sure that you appoint volunteers to handle the game-proceedings and the money transactions such as offering money to the winning players and collecting it from the losing ones.
  • Award the top 3-5 players with the most play money. Prizes can be in the form of real money, gift-certificates and even surprise prizes to add some fun and mystery element to it.

Party Favors for the Casino Party

Offering party favors is always a great way of thanking the guests for attending the party. The following are a few gift ideas for the casino party.

  • Attractive favor-bags with ‘casino chips’ candies.
  • Personalized poker chips.
  • A personalized keychain with photos.
  • Personalized playing card cases with photos.
  • Personalized casino photo-frames.

A casino party is a fun and distinctive way of celebrating special occasions and get-togethers. The casino theme certainly adds to the excitement and surprise element of the party making it a lively event the memories of which you will cherish for a long time.

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