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Spine-Tingling Ideas To Celebrate Halloween

Although a day devoted to remembering the dead, Halloween has now turned up into one of the coolest events to celebrate in most parts of the world. Halloween day is celebrated on October 31st, , that is dedicated to remembering the dead and offering them peace wherein people themselves dress up as ghosts. It is widely celebrated in the United States and other Western Countries. Thanks to our increasing Western influence, the tradition of Halloween celebrations has caught on in India as well. The zest for Halloween in India is no less. Here’s how you can celebrate Halloween in India. Read on !!

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Host a Halloween Party

If you’re a dark-tempered hostess devising scare tactics for your Halloween Party, then, turn up your abode into a haunted house with Halloween decorations like Haunted Trees, Reusable Jack o’ Lanterns, Coffin Cooler, Giant Spiders, Ghost-Lit Walkway, Pumpkins and more.Have the kids help you carve your favorite designs to welcome your guests into your home!
Create creepy and terrifying treats with revolting-yet-delicious treats such as Hot Dog Mummies, Witch Finger Cookies, Crap Cookies, Snake Cake etc. Put the cocktails and drinks in a cauldron. Play a mind-meltingly amazing playlist of the best songs for your shindig and create a perfect Halloween atmosphere. Your guests in their scary costumes and ghostly make-ups are sure to fall in love with the party.

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Spooky Sleepover on Halloween

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Why not celebrate Halloween with a scary sleepover with your friends? This is how u can hold your Slumber Halloween Party:

    • Decorate your room with candles, dim lights and create a spooky feel.
    • Catch up on scary horror movies and story books to scare the wits out of each other.
    • Watch back to back horror movies and spend a thrilling night with your loved ones.
    • Plan scary makeovers and have a fun-filled selfie session at the night.
    • Plan for Creative Food to be served at the Halloween Sleepover.
    • To enhance the Halloween mood, play creepy games such as Board games like Ouija or other games like truth or dare.

Uncanny Camping Trip on Halloween


Halloween is the perfect time to plan a camping getaway, the weather is decent and the crowds have thinned out considerably. It’s the perfect mix for an adventurous camping trip while keeping alive all the spooky traditions that make Halloween wildly popular. Being in the woods in the middle of the night with a full moon is the ideal setting for a Halloween camping trip. Share horror stories, play games to make it a more thrilling Halloween night. The eerie and creeky sounds of the jungle and the insects walking in the dead of night will surely add the drama for a perfect Halloween ambiance. Plan the route carefully as it will be dark and getting lost in the middle of the night is no joke.

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Haunted Hang Out With Friends


Heading out to a haunted place this fearful season with your squad will be an adventure. This plan is strictly prohibited for the weak-hearted. If you’re looking for a haunted excursion that may send shivers down your spine, gather your gang and head out to an old graveyard, cemetery or haunted house. Walking through dark places will give you a spooky feel. Let the prankster of the group play scary tricks and scare each other for the ultimate fun. Have a well-spent Halloween night roaming around with your group of friends. This is a great way of celebrating Halloween, without really spending much. All you need is a buoyant gang of close-knit friends.

Head Out To a NightClub or a Restaurant on Halloween


Grab your Halloween outfits and head out to one of the best bars, restaurants, nightclubs for a wild Halloween party in India. The interiors of these places are refurbished to bring in a scary echo of Halloween. Even the design of the menu is renovated with exclusive Halloween treats. From drinks that look like blood to eateries designed like tombstones, pubs and nightclubs go all the way out to strike agitation in your heart. Get into the Halloween ‘spirit’ and have a ghoulishly good time.

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