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bridal hair accessories

Wedding Hair Accessories – Everything you need to know!

From chignons and beachy waves to updos, a bride-to-be is flooded with an assortment of choices regarding the means to style their hair for the D-Day. However, irrespective of the hairstyle you opt for, there is one essential component that they must make certain not to steer clear of, that is hair accessories.

Bridal hair accessories possess the potential to carry your look to another level. However, zeroing on a specific hair accessory can be quite mind-boggling. To aid you make up your mind, we have come up with some popular hair accessories that assure to put in a little additional grandeur to your look.

Hair combs –

bridal hair accessories
How much or how little hair accessories the bride-to-be chooses to wear depends solely upon her, but in case she is unable to resolve her mind, then a hair comb furnishes the best compromise. To almost all hairstyles including braids, ballerina buns, French twists, and chignons, hair accessories put in a point of interest. But, the most well-known way to don them is to sweep one side of the hair up at the back of your ear.

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Hair pins –

bridal hair accessories
To present your locks in a subtle way, then purchasing hair pins might be an ideal means. Add numerous pins all across your hair to get a subtle yet stylish look, whether a Grecian style plait, chignon, or a bun.

Headbands –

bridal hair accessories
In case you want to skip wearing a veil on your D-Day, you can opt for a netted headband to accentuate your hairdo. Headbands are extremely versatile, and can be sported with hair all up, down, and half up. Lace headbands, being a magnificent vintage look, goes well with your wedding attire and hairstyle. If you have decided to sport a hairstyle with all your hair swept to one side, position your headband with side decorations on the side where the neck is without any ornamentation.

Tiara –

bridal hair accessories
The ideal way to put in height to the hairstyle, tiaras can look awesome with any hairdo, provided the positioning of the hair accessory is perfect. Don the tiara about half back from the hairline to make certain that it balances your facial features and enhances your face. Tiaras are embellished with intricate floral decorative features. For fashionable brides-to-be, who want to look like a princess on their wedding day, tiaras are simply perfect. While tiaras with additional sparkle or complex detailing are a show-stopping look, thin tiaras on the other hand, are an excellent means to add some glitz to the hairstyle.

Head chains –

bridal hair accessories
This bohemian-styled hair accessory, much the same as a wedding crown, is crafted from chains, and hence, fits loosely on your head. Owing to this loose-fitting aspect, you need to add lots of pins to secure the head chain properly to your hair.

Wedding vines and hair combs –

bridal hair accessories
In case you have decided to sport your hair up on your D-Day, hair comb is an ideal option as it can make the braid, bun or chignon more prominent.

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