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Jurassic World Party Theme Ideas

It’s been about 67 million years that dinosaurs have become extinct. Despite this fact, these fossil reptiles of the Mesozoic Era have never gone out of fashion. These enormous creatures are once again in the limelight with the summer release Jurassic World, which implies that dinosaur parties are experiencing quite a revival. In case your munchkin possesses an affinity with fossils and is looking forward to celebrating a dinosaur party, then this article is appropriate for you. This article delves into Jurassic World party theme ideas including the Jurassic World food, and drink and Jurassic World party activities. Peruse this write-up thoroughly and fulfil your child’s desire.

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1. Jurassic World Party Decor –

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Spruce up your party location with artificial trees crafted out of rocks, cardboard, and verdure made up of construction paper. If you possess a penchant for adventure, then you can add in some dirt as well! By making use of paint and Styrofoam, you can also create dinosaur eggs. To greet the invitees to the party, make use of toy dinosaurs to embellish a wreath.

2. Jurassic World Food and Drink –

jurassic park theme birthdy party

By presenting an assortment of food options to the invitees, you can please the omnivores, carnivores, and herbivores. Go for a scrumptious vegetable tray filled right up to the top with an array of greens such as beans, sliced cucumbers, celery, and broccoli. Grill some turkey or chicken legs and serve egg devils to the meat-eating group.
Coming to the sweet course, that is dessert, you can either prepare a delectable dirt cake, cupcakes and garnishing them with candy eggs, or serve the guests ‘fossilized’ cookies. Top up the ‘fossilized’ cookies and pudding with plastic trees and dinosaurs! Won’t they look amazing! You can also impress the footprints of a dino onto a sugar cookie, and make an easy-peasy party dessert. To take the surprise element a notch higher, order a double-decker cake, festoon it with plastic dinosaurs, and catch your guests being petrified! To create something eye-catching, prettify the lava oozing volcano cupcakes with small candy dinosaurs. Since the party would be all dinosaur-themed, your invitees would be exuberant to find themselves among dinosaur-themed spoons, cups, napkins, plates, forks, and plates. And yes, don’t forget to decorate the dessert table with some awesome themed treats.
Prepare a huge jar of cucumber or mint-infused water, for the drinks, and label the jar as ‘the watering hole’ or ‘swamp water’.

3. Jurassic World Activities –

jurassic park theme birthday party

Arrange variegated party engagements such as scavenger hunt. This is a game normally played in a vast outdoor space that involves the contestants gather an assortment of objects. In these miscellaneous objects, you can choose to keep Styrofoam eggs as one of the items as the party is centred on everything related to Jurassic World. Post the conclusion of this popular game, offer the guests a Jurassic World Pinata. Apart from the scavenger hunt, you can also layout some sand, put plastic dinosaurs in it, and make the set up a dino dig.

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