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Best Way to Decorate a Room For a Theme Birthday Party

Is your child’s birthday just around the corner? If yes, it is time for you to start planning for a happening party that should be a lot of fun for you as well as the guests. Themed parties are the easiest way to plan and organise a birthday bash. Lots of streamers, balloons, confetti, bubbles, and sparkle can transform even a simple looking space to a happening one. Add a few more decor elements like a photo booth and lighting effects then you are all set. These elements will help in enhancing the mood and setting the tone of your party. Here, we bring you some of the best creative possibilities that can help you ensure a fabulous birthday room decor.

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Choose a seasonal theme

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  • You can choose any season like winter, summer, spring, or autumn as the theme and decorate the space accordingly. There are immense themed decoration ideas based on seasons. Go for bright blue and yellow streamers, a sun-shaped pinata, inflatable palm trees, beach balls and more for a summer beach theme. Serve coconut water or Pina colada to the guests on arrival. 
  • If you are looking forward to choosing a winter-based theme, decorate the room with silver confetti, white and blue LED String lights, fake snow fluff around the room. These decor elements will bring out the best wintry look. 

A Historical Theme

  • If your child is a history buff, you can choose an era in time and go for a historical event with the guests and hosts dressing up as per that era. You can plan the theme and party in such a way that the guests are transported to that era. For example, 60s Rock n Roll era or 70s Hippie era can help create a perfect theme-based party.  
  • For 60s era, you can decorate the room by laying checkered tablecloths, neon signs, and giant thick shakes.
  • For 70s era, keep flared pants, vibrant coloured shirts, and coloured circle sunglasses as perfect costume theme. 
  • For 80s theme, create a disco based theme by hanging disco lights and blaring disco music. Guests can groove to foot-tapping music which still enjoys a wonderful fan base.

An Activity-Based theme

  • If your child is a creative genius. Plan an art and craft-based theme party. Spread a lot of watercolour paint, coloured paper, coloured pens, tape, glue, glitter, craft tools and scissors encouraging them to create something beautiful for the birthday boy. 
  • You can also go for a High Tea theme party wherein you can use a lot of white doilies on the tables and serve cupcakes and tea in a dainty tea set and tiered platters. Ask the guests to dress up in their finest attire and play the part with perfection. Light music and some floral decor will complete the look of the birthday party room. 

Theme-based parties help to streamline various other party details making the task of the organizer simpler and easier. It is for this reason many party planners come up with unique party themes. Once a suitable theme is chosen, other elements like food, lighting, decor, music, etc.are planned accordingly.

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