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Return Gift Ideas for 1st Birthday Party

The first birthday of the child is very important in a parent’s life. As parents had finally succeeded in handling their little baby, going through those long sleepless nights and learning so many new things about how to handle their kid. Parents expect to make their child’s first birthday party as special as they can so it can be a part of their precious memories. And to put a smile on your little guest’s adorable faces you can arrange to give return gifts.

One should be a little careful of the age of the kids while selecting the return gifts as they should really light those little faces. OK! no need to get confused we have some adorable ideas for you to select wisely your return gifts.

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Simple puzzles with large pieces of common things like animals and fruits can be a great idea for giving in return gifts. Children love to play with puzzle and this can even help them in learning fruits and animals name while playing. 

Portable Water Bottles

Portable water bottles can be a great idea as children can use them by taking it to their school or while going outside to play. Cute little colourful bottles are easily available in the market.

Cartoon Shaped Erasers

As children love cartoons, gifting them different cartoon shaped erasers can be really fun. They can easily play with their favourite cartoon miniatures.

Play Dough 

Little hands of children always look for something from which they can create different things in different shapes and play dough is just a perfect tool for them to develop their imagination skills. You can go for non-toxic or children friendly play dough.

School Bags

School bags can be perfect for gifting and it can be easily selected as there is a huge range of different stylish bags for kids available in the market. 

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