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DIY Indian Wedding Decorations Ideas!

We all are aware that Indian wedding decorations are lavish and expensive, but Indian weddings look incomplete without these adorable decorations. No doubt that Indian wedding planning process brings with it a lot of new research and coordination with all decor vendors assigned for your big fat Indian wedding. If you are also planning for a wedding on a budget, then let us inform you that DIY decor is the key to keeping expenses at a minimum!

There are numerous DIY Indian Wedding Decors that are romantic and unique. You can even use your creative ideas and add personal touches to their details and make your big day more unique. These DIY decors are not only easy and simple but also helps you to save some unnecessary expenses from your decorating budget in your wedding. You can recruit your cousins to be your DIY-helpers, and ask them to be your DIY squad who will help you to decorate your wedding venue with some easy to do DIY decorations with fairy lights, laces, artificial flowers, etc. Below are few easy and hassle-free DIY decor ideas that we are sure will make your wedding look brilliantly crafted and meticulously curated Indian DIY wedding!

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DIY Fairy Lights For Wedding 

Fairy lights are something we are all aware of, as it is one of the main Indian wedding decor items. Rather than simply draping them around the walls, you can make your thoughts run wild and hunt your basements to find some holders like mason jars, old oil lanterns or even the birdcages. Be sure that whatever holders you choose are transparent to gain the full effect of this easy DIY decor idea. Now all you have to do is to take help from your creative mind and stuff fairy lights in these holders as they will give an exciting twist on the decor staple. You can use different sizes or designs of holders as we are sure they will look adorable once ready. 

DIY Wedding Signages For Wedding 

Wedding signages are so much in trend nowadays, whether they are showing menu to the guests, to display a hashtag or to direct your guests around the wedding venue and much more. They are not only practical but are also very pretty. Sadly, getting these wedding signages custom made are costly, but with the help of your artistical friends, you can show your talent to create beautifully wedding signages for your wedding. It is easy and hassle-free to create a wedding sign all you need to do is get chalkboard and scribble in it. You can even take a print out in a nice font and get that framed. 

DIY Table Centrepieces For Wedding 

We all know that the wedding day is all about little touches, and eye-catching centrepieces that make the wedding decor memorable. Although placing bouquets as centrepieces are fine but it is fun to make your own DIY centrepieces as it is inexpensive and easy to make. We are sure that on your big day this little creativity will show your uniqueness as a couple making your big day a part of your golden memories. It is simple to make as you just need some mason jars filled with colourful flowers or a bowl filled with water and some floating candles is another great option. You can even use some old chai glasses and fill them with colourful powders and fragrant flowers. Place them on the dining table and you have a DIY centrepiece!

DIY Terracotta Pots For Wedding 

Nowadays there are numerous different types of wedding styles and themes that are called earthy decor and look amazing at weddings. One of these versatile mediums terracotta pots is very famous as they are easily available and are more affordable to buy in bulk. All you need to do is paint these pots into colourful and attractive designs. You can even place candles inside them for evening functions as it creates a mesmerising effect. They can be even be used after all the functions are over as showpieces.

DIY Origami For Wedding 

Well! In our childhood, we all are taught that Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into intricate designs and shapes. This art of origami has now become a trend of DIY wedding theme ideas that has gained huge popularity in recent times. No doubt that they look adorable all you need to do is get your DIY squad and fold some colourful papers and tie them to a thread and hang them for a beautiful backdrop. You can even make centrepieces, Wedding Invitations or place cards, etc with Origami, all you need to do is let your creative ideas come out.  

DIY Favours For Wedding 

An idea of adding a personal touch to your wedding has become trending nowadays. After all, your guests have put their efforts to attend your wedding and now it is your part to show your thanks in the most genuine way possible. No doubt that more than just a present your wedding favours are a reminder of your wedding day and a big commitment to your family and friends, so now it’s your job to think something out of the box. The best ideas to thank your loved ones is undoubtedly creating homemade favours as it is also a chance to show off your bond, style with your better half while tuning into your artistic side. All that you require to do is set up jars with some yummy sweets or you can even choose peppermints. You can even draw on the jars and tie a ribbon to it.

DIY Pom-poms For Wedding

This DIY wedding decor is something that we all love and know how to make from our childhood days. Yes, we are talking about none other than pom-poms as they look animated and lively and looks adorable in weddings. To make these adorable pom-poms you don’t even need to spend too much money. You can create your own colourful pom-poms according to your wedding theme. All you would require to make them are just a pair of scissors, metal strings and some colourful wool or papers. They can even be created with old gift wraps.

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