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How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Lockdown? 6 Ways…

Mother’s day is just around the corner. Some of us are staying with our Mom while some of us are away and locked in our homes due to Covid-19 or Coronavirus. Mothers Day 2021 celebration is going to be a little different. Due to the social distancing and lockdown rules & regulations, we cannot go out or order anything online as some places are still in red zones. But this doesn’t mean we will not celebrate mother’s day this year. 

Let’s discuss ways to celebrate the one day in a year dedicated to celebrating the most-selfless, the most-giving, the most-taken-for-granted relations of all. Deep in our hearts, we all know that the person who has always been there for us, who has been ecstatic in our happiness, miserable in our sorrows, praying for our success day in and day out, is none other than our Mother. With our fast-paced lives, we rarely find time to visit her, to talk to her on phone for long, be by her bedside when she is ill. But she understands. She never demands anything from us. But deep down, she yearns…. for our love, our care and our attention. We are sure that our mothers have been working harder than ever during this lock down and now it is our turn to appreciate her uniquely this year.

Here are some Mother’s Day celebration ideas we have collated to make it easy for you to pick what you’d like to do for your mom this year. Go ahead, take a look and help us improve this article by suggesting your ideas in the comments section below.

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1. Relive Old Memories With Mom

Do a bit of research and go through old pictures, try digging into the memories of your mother’s childhood. Create an album for your mother filled with fun and nostalgic moments from her past. You can even create a slideshow or a video collage that is filled with her life’s journey. We are sure she is going to love that and will cherish this little effort of yours in bringing back her memories. 

2. Bake a Cake – Your Mom’s Favourite Flavour

Due to the lock down, it is quite tough to order from outside but instead of ordering, you can bake a cake at home all by yourself. You can search for some easy to make cakes at home online and try baking one at home. Trust us, there is nothing more satisfying and enjoyable than baking a cake for your loved ones especially, if it is for your mother. We are sure she will be delighted with a cake that you have lovingly prepared for her. Do not forget to clean up all the mess in the kitchen.

3. Pamper Your Mom

Amid Lock down all types of beauty treatment services are unavailable. So, now is a chance for you to pamper her. For a day you can be her masseuse and can comfort her by relaxing her through a head or shoulder massage. You can even make her feel like a queen by giving her a home manicure or pedicure. 

4. Breakfast in Bed for Mom

Nothing can be more fantasizing for mothers than getting a surprise breakfast in bed and that too breakfast prepared by her children. Try preparing her favourite breakfast meal and serve with her staple morning drink. Do not forget to capture her reaction on your mobile camera as we are sure it is going to be a precious memory for her and will bring a pretty smile on her face to see your efforts.

5. Deep Cleaning With/For Your Mom

Yes, you read that right! We all are locked down and none of our house helpers is available to help our mothers in cleaning. We all are aware that cleanliness is one most important way to beat this deadly coronavirus. While every day our mothers struggle very hard in cleaning and sanitizing our home, we can help her on this day on all more days with some household work and give her a little break.

6. Wish Mom on a Video Call

Living away from your mom during quarantine and are feeling low as you are not there with her? Not to worry as technology is the best option to re-connect with your mom on Mother’s Day. You can opt for a video call and make her day special. There is no doubt that just seeing your happy face will comfort her and make her feel good.

No matter what you decide to surprise your mother on mother’s day, your mom will love it, especially since it was chosen with her in mind and done by you with care.

Wishing All The Lovely Mothers A very Happy Mother’s Day!

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