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A few ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day straight from the heart!

One day in a year dedicated to celebrating the most selfless, the most giving, the most-taken-for-granted relations of all! Deep in our hearts, we all know that the person who has always been there for us, who has been ecstatic in our happiness, miserable in our sorrows, praying for our success day in and day out, is none other than our Mother. With our fast-paced lives, we rarely find time to visit her, talk to her on phone for long, or be by her bedside when she is ill. But she understands. She never demands anything from us. But deep down, she yearns…. for our love, our care, and our attention.

To thank HER for this Mother’s Day, here are a few ideas:

1. Collect a few lovely photos of her with you, make a collage, get it framed for her room and/or yours


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2. Take her out shopping for things, she likes and be her genie


3. Make a hand-made card for her, write your feelings for her (optionally, with photos of her and you)


4. Make her feel like a queen; do all her chores, pamper her by taking her for a beauty treatment, followed by a great meal at her favorite restaurant


5. Thank her and acknowledge the fact that you and your achievements (good ones) are all because of her


We’d love it if you can share with us some of your ideas on how to celebrate Mother’s Day this year!
We Salute all Mothers,
VenueLook Team 🙂

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