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Wedding Garlands – 10+ Options to Choose From

Garlands in Indian weddings have a significant role to play and hence, an important decision to make. Indian wedding ceremony is complete only after the exchange of garlands between the bride and the groom with a promise of being bound together forever. The wedding garland completes the couple look and makes them look exceptionally beautiful and elegant. So choosing an appropriate wedding garland for a wedding ceremony is utmost important. The perfect garland can make or break a couple’s entire photo shoot.

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We have curated some awesome and trendy garland options for Indian weddings so that you can choose the one you like the most for your big day!

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Designer Wedding Garlands

Designer garlands are for the fashionista bride and groom. These definitely are trendsetters. Opting for a designer garland will make the wedding couple look different and more attractive than other brides and grooms in the family getting married around the same time.

Pearl String Wedding Garlands

In recent times, couples are also going for this elite looking pearl string garlands. The pearl is a symbol of perfection and long life – perfect for this lifetime bond. Garlands with simple pearls or pearls with a rose will give that classy and elegant look for the ones that like a sober, minimalist look.

Royal Roses Wedding Garlands 

Roses are continually in fashion so what can be better than selecting the symbol of affection, love and romance. The bride and groom will look majestic in the roses garlands. Pick red roses or pink roses for your wedding garlands.

Blissful Lotus Wedding Garlands 

Since lotus is regarded as auspicious, being the goddess’s flower, it is a great option to choose for wedding garlands. Lotus flower is a symbol of purity and enlightenment. The wedding garlands of huge lotuses will surely look beautiful and majestic on your D day.

Winsome Orchids Wedding Garlands 

Credits: Deepak Vijay Photography

Wanna ditch the normal and usual wedding garlands and go with the unorthodox style?! The rustic purple colour of the Orchid garlands will give you a pastoral look. The cute orchids will seal and win the show with their charm.

Colourful Wedding Garlands 

This garland option for sure is trending. A mix of exotic flowers to your garland, for instance, lily and orchids, will give that colourful and vibrant look. Colourful wedding garlands glorify the persona of vivacious and fun-loving couples.

Exemplary White Wedding Garlands

Credits: Stories

White represents purity and innocence, and hence pure white garlands work well for the perfectionist couple. The couple donning these white garlands will look like the cream-of-the-crop so pick-out ones with white roses or daisies. 

Tulsi Wedding Garlands

The holy Tulsi holds significance in Indian traditions and is considered auspicious in Indian weddings and rituals. If you looking for a spiritual touch, this is the best wedding garland option to opt for.

Pink and Green Wedding Garlands

Pink and Green colours together are a beautiful, modern combination. A mix of green leaves with chrysanthemum or lilies will do wonders. If you like this combination, then go for it without a second thought.

Wedding Garlands with Secret Messages

Credits: The Royal Affair

Exchange of wedding garlands is a romantic moment. Adorable message(s) for each other can be written and attached to each other’s garland, which the companion can read and cherish after the exchange of garlands.

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