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How to plan a perfect bachelorette party?

Wedding is an important decision and both the partners are ready to undertake the vows before they start the new journey of life. Having a bachelorette party before the wedding is also an important event for the bride. The friends of the bride are particularly excited about the event. Planning the event in a flawless manner is an essential task which is either shouldered by the bride and her friends or an event manager is roped in for the effortless planning of the function. Tips may be extremely helpful to plan a bachelorette party.

Talk to the Bride about her Expectations

This is the most important step. The event manager should consult the bride-to-be about her desires and expectations regarding the party. If she wants to have a stripper, then the manager can arrange for the same.

Reserve the Venue

Where the party should be held? Whether in a club, pub, home party, party hall, or resort? these questions need prior discussion and the booking can be done based on the budget to be spent for the party.

Planning an Event?

Theme of the Party

Theme parties are the trendiest in the recent years. The expert can discuss the theme with the bride-to-be and her friends. The professionals also give their suggestions regarding the same. The colour scheme and decor for the party also falls in this category. The friends can even surprise the bride-to-be as it is a wild party too for the bride, before the wedding.

Budget can be Shared too


Bride’s friends and bride herself can pool in for the party expense. This is a trend and is followed in many places. The bride need not take the burden of the expense all by herself. It can be shared among her friends too and the manager can suggest cost-effective means to having a great party.

Pamper the Bride

This is the time when the friends can shower the bride-to-be with gifts which can be funny and unusual to uplift the fun quotient of the evening. The decor can also be amusing which can further add zing to the party and make the bride feel special in every way. It is an informal event and hence the planning can be done in the most unusual way and lot of creativity can be a part of the show.

Food and Drinks

Food items can complement the decor too. There can be drinks, both hard and soft, as per the choice of the bride and her friends. The entire show can be planned with complete fun and laughter. The event manager can connect with the friends or the bridesmaid to get complete idea about their expectations and thus plan the event accordingly and yield best results.
The idea of the show is to enjoy and make the bride feel special. The entire task is worth it when the beaming bride exhibits her smile. The event planners are indulging in the planning of such event with yielding much success.

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  1. My sister’s bachelorette party is fast approaching, and that is why I would like to rent a party bus where can all ride in going to the venue. Well, I also agree with you that the menu mist complement the event’s decor. Aside from the lively party, you are also right that it would be an excellent idea to uplift the bride’s mood by pampering her.

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