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Here are some guidelines for choosing Perfect Wedding Venue

Wedding is an important milestone in life. The recent years has witnessed an equal participation of the bride and the groom in the wedding planning. They want everything to be tasteful and perfect for their D-day. The trends keep changing and innovative ideas are being replaced with the older ones. But traditional weddings will never be outdated because people are getting more rooted than before. Though traditions are being twisted but full participation of both the sides is a common trend these days. Selecting the wedding venue is a challenge and wedding planners can be extremely helpful in this regard.

Budget is the main criteria


Money matters for everything and we must pay a price too. Weddings are a lavish affair and to have a perfect venue, money plays a pivotal role. The families must decide on their budget and the planners can provide them with the perfect options accordingly.

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Destination weddings


One of the latest trends in the market is to go for a destination wedding. The guests are also flown and the carrier (flight/train/bus) is chartered for the wedding. It is an extremely cosy affair with not too many guests and the families are often residing in the same premises so that the fun quotient is also doubled.
In some cases, a destination wedding accounts to be a cheaper affair because the guests pay for their own travel expenses clubbed with accommodation expenses too.

Book the venue in advance


Wedding season means the venues get choc-o-block. Hence the to-be couple and their families should be prompt in making the decisions. They should discuss the same with the planner (if hired) and do the booking accordingly. Some time for research is also required. So, it is very important to have some time in hand and plan the venue accordingly. They may even bump upon a good deal if time is by their side.

Think about all the functions


Wedding is accompanied with a string of functions. The family has to decide whether the small functions will be held at home or a venue needs to be hired. These are the planning which requires organisation too.

Book vendors for the venue


Booking vendors like florist, caterer, photographers, etc. is also required for the venue. Some of the venues have all the facilities and it is included in the package itself. But some venues like farmhouses do not have the options. These places only provide the venue minus the facilities. Thus, the arrangements must be done.

Think of the theme in advance


Bride and groom want something different for their wedding which is much remembered even by the guests. Thus, they want to have theme-oriented parties too before or after the D-Day. Planning for such parties is also an important affair and the venue must be decided.

Decoration is an integral part


Wedding venue decoration should be ideal for both the bride and the groom. They want the best for their wedding. The venue should be able to offer them with the decoration pictures of the events already hosted by them so that the clients can make their choice and share their requirement too.

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